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by Ken Ham on December 15, 2015

The real point of building the life-size Noah’s Ark here in northern Kentucky is so that people will understand that the global Flood was an actual historical event, that Noah really did build a ship according to the dimensions in the Bible, that the animals actually did all fit on the ship, and that Noah and his family were real, intelligent people just like us—and most of all that the Bible’s history is true and that’s why the gospel based in that history is true.

Noah’s Ark

In today’s day and age, many people don’t believe the good news of Jesus Christ because they don’t believe the Bible is true, and they don’t believe the Bible is true because our culture has so indoctrinated people to discount the “stories” in the Bible (like the account of Noah’s Ark) as mere fiction. But I’m praying that people will see the account of Noah’s Ark as it’s written in Genesis brought to life at the Ark Encounter and that they’ll walk away being challenged by and believing the truth of God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation.

At the Ark Encounter we have 132 exhibit bays to accomplish this Bible-proclaiming mission. Here’s a look at how we’re going to challenge people to think critically about the events that happened in the Bible. First, we want people to see that Noah and his family were people just like us who desired comfort and time to relax. So one of the exhibit bays will feature Ham (one of Noah’s sons) and his wife in their dining area. You can see I’m helping some of the AiG interior designers (one of whom was trained at Disney’s design school, by the way) measure the dimensions of the new cushions that just arrived.

Measuring Cushions

We also want people to understand how the historical records from the beginning of creation with Adam and Eve could have been passed down from generation to generation, until finally Moses recorded these events in what is now the book of Genesis. So here’s a picture of what will be a scroll case in Noah’s library, which is how we imagine Noah would have been able to keep these records that had been passed down to him.

Scroll Casey

People don’t realize that Noah and his family could have fed all of the animals and also taken care of the animal waste quite easily. They were intelligent humans like us (probably even more intelligent and innovative!), and they could have designed cages like these, which would allow them to feed and water the animals efficiently.


And here are some bigger cages. I don’t forget to have fun while I’m visiting the Ark Design studio!

Ken in Cage

Have a look at the clothing AiG’s talented seamstress is working on. She’s even designed Noah’s garment to represent the biblical theme of Christ crushing the serpent’s head.

Fabric Close

And lastly, don’t forget the animals! The animals that walked on Earth during Noah’s day wouldn’t look exactly like the animals we see today, because today's animals have undergone 4,000 years of changes (even speciation) due to the immense genetic variability in each kind, since they got off the Ark! We want people to realize that and understand how changes such as speciation are not the same thing as molecules-to-man evolution. We have plenty of incredible researchers, designers, fabricators, and artists working together to sculpt and craft the many animal kinds you’ll see in the exhibits, like this one!

Crafting Animals

Can you believe they design, sculpt, fur, and paint all of these by hand? It can take a month or more to make just one animal kind, and as you can see in this next photograph, many of the animals are just so detailed!

Dinosaur Detail

I praise God for the many talented staff members He’s brought to Answers in Genesis to work on the Ark project. Every time I’m at the Ark Encounter Design Studio I learn something new from them, and I am so thankful for their desire to serve the Lord in this way.

Find out more about the Ark Encounter (opening July 7, 2016), and if you’d like to be one of the first people to board the ship, don’t forget to get your boarding pass exclusively online (for the first 40 days and nights!)!

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