What I’m Thankful For

by Ken Ham on November 26, 2015

I am thankful most of all for the free gift of salvation from our Creator and Savior. I'm so thankful for a godly wife and the godly mum and dad who raised me. I’m also thankful for heroes of the faith like theologian Dr. John Whitcomb. Dr. Whitcomb, along with the late Dr. Henry Morris, co-authored the book —The Genesis Flood. This book really started the modern creationist movement. Dr. Whitcomb is one of those rare theologians today who stands boldly, unashamedly, and uncompromisingly on God’s Word beginning in Genesis. This year on two occasions I had the opportunity, the honor, and the privilege to interview Dr. Whitcomb at the life-size Ark project. I encourage you to have your family watch this 13-minute video segment. It’s a unique opportunity to hear a hero of the faith God raised up for a special place in history.

And keep up to date with the life-size Ark project in Northern Kentucky that I'm so thankful God has enabled to be built as an evangelistic outreach in this era.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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