They’re Unique—Creationist Raft Trips Down the Grand Canyon

by Ken Ham on November 25, 2015

You probably know that the Grand Canyon is one of the best places on earth you can visit to view powerful evidence that confirms the biblical account of Noah’s Flood. When you grew up and went to school, you may have been taught the false view of the Canyon’s formation in your sciences classes, namely that over millions of years, the Colorado River supposedly slowly carved out a part of northern Arizona to form the Grand Canyon. Increasingly, though, even secular geologists are beginning to agree with catastrophist creationists about the Canyon: a lot of water, over a short period of time, carved the Canyon—not a little bit of water over a long time! Creation scientists like those at AiG would argue that very soon after the Flood, a massive wall of water rather quickly carved the Canyon.

I have an idea for you that would not only combine your possible interest in visiting this “wonder of the world,” but also your adventurous spirit: travel through the bottom of the Canyon on a thrilling raft ride—only a small percentage of Canyon visitors ever get to experience this—and learn how the Canyon truly formed. Several years ago I was privileged to take a Canyon Ministries two-day raft trip on the Colorado River into a section of the Grand Canyon, and it was an incredible experience. We were led by guides who were thoroughly trained in Flood geology. Also, since most (if not all) of the participants are Christians on these specialized raft trips, there is much time set aside for warm fellowship.

Here are the dates of next year’s trips that feature an AiG staff member who will come alongside Canyon Ministries to lead this wonderful tour and give excellent instruction that shows how science confirms the biblical account of a global Flood.

Believe me, rafting the Grand Canyon (and enjoying the thrill of riding some rapids) will be an unforgettable experience. Not only is this raft trip a great adventure, but an excellent learning time. I hear that many parents will take their teenagers on the journey and have had an incredible time together.

Here’s a list of all the 2016 tours conducted by this fine group founded by Tom Vail, under the leadership of our friends Jon Albert and Nate Loper. They also conduct rim tours for those not inclined to “rough it” on a raft and sleeping under the stars. More than anything, we encourage you to check out the dates where a trained AiG staff member will be on a raft trip. Find out more information and register here.

Dr. Andrew Snelling, our staff geologist and the author of the massive work Earth’s Catastrophic Past (in two volumes), is one of the world’s leading creationist scientists who specializes in geological studies and is an excellent and easy-to-understand speaker. He has led more than 30 raft trips through the Canyon and has also conducted original geological research in the Canyon.

Dr. Andrew Snelling and Tom Vail

Dr. Andrew Snelling and Tom Vail

By the way, on my radio program last Wednesday, I talked about the formation of the Canyon. I encourage you to listen to it.

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