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Although my Facebook page can receive a lot of negative (and often very ignorant, many times blasphemous and expletive-laden) comments from skeptics and secularists, I also receive wonderful testimonies from people who have been blessed and changed by AiG’s ministry as God has blessed. These encouraging testimonies all came in to us around the same time, so I thought I would share them with you! We always appreciate hearing how God is using AiG to impact hearts and lives.

Ken, I just want you to know that after recently joining a young adult Sunday school class where we're watching a video series that you did (I had not heard of you till this), I began feeling moved to learn more about Creation, how to defend the Bible, understand scripture correctly etc. . . ., things that most churches don't seem to teach beyond a basic level. I am just recently married and while on our honeymoon my husband found your debate with Bill [Nye “the Science Guy”] on YouTube which has only further inspired me/us to learn even more so that we too can ’be prepared to give an answer.’ Even after being raised in church my whole life I had no idea how little I actually knew about the Bible, Christianity, and creation until I started listening to your material. It's been a while since I've been inspired like this regarding my faith and I just really wanted you to know. I am looking forward to continuing your series and seeing where God takes us with this. I hope after we finish your series we can visit the creation museum (I have never been), and check out the ark!

– R. W.

Ken, I visited the Creation Museum for the first time last week. It truly is first class. I will definitely come back when you get the Ark Encounter up and running. God is good . . . all the time.

– D. M.

I wanted to tell you that I cannot begin to thank you, your ministry and staff for your home school books. My son has Autism, and ever since he has attended school he just never ever wanted to learn. The teachers didn't understand he is not like a normal child and you just cannot talk to him in certain ways. But one reason he never wanted to go to school was cause he has always told me, ‘Dad they teach against God’ , or ‘Dad they are teaching that God isn't real and evolution is.’ He has stood his ground and has refused to learn anything they would present him with. So about a month ago I believe, my wife and I ordered from Answers in Genesis . . . he is always excited to do school. He is just digging in left and right I have never seen him so excited to learn about God and our world. I cannot think you enough; I wish I could do something that would show you how grateful I am. But I wanted to let you know this, cause I thought you might enjoy hearing about him. I thought I had lost him, that he would become a statistic. But now, I believe he will become a success. Thank you.

– S. H.

Ken, my husband and I have learnt so much that we missed in Genesis through watching your videos. The Creation Museum is a great tool to teach people Genesis as they could never have any other way. How wonderful if a Creation museum could be one day built in Australia. Maybe you could ask God and see if He this could be replicated not just in Australia but perhaps around the world. I will pray too and see what God does. You are a blessing to us and many others.

– C. G.

And another one from overseas:

Hi Ken thanks for your ministry; it's been a blessing. Having been a Christian for many years I did not realise that I'd allowed a humanistic view to creep in. Completely unaware! Praise God my minds been renewed and been set free cause that's what the truth does.

— C. L.

We are so thankful that people are being blessed by AiG, the Creation Museum, and the coming Ark Encounter. Please continue to pray for us as we spread the vital message of creation, biblical authority, and the gospel with our increasingly secularized culture.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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