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We recently received a letter from a sixteen-year-old young lady who discovered Answers in Genesis when she watched my debate last year with Bill Nye “the Science Guy.” Here is her testimony about how her eyes were opened to compromise in her thinking and the need to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning.

Growing up, I never had heard of the idea of a young earth; neither had my parents. My family never believed in molecules-to-man evolution, but we did accept the idea of millions of years because we were indoctrinated with the idea and did not consider what that would mean for the book of Genesis. I have a vague memory of myself when I was much younger asking somebody, “Where do dinosaurs fit into the Bible?” and being given a description of the Day-Age theory as a response. It left me confused, because I realized that it would mean millions of years of death before the Fall of Man, which is obviously contrary to the Bible. However, I was not given any better explanations, so I didn’t dispute it.

Last year, when the Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate occurred at the Creation Museum, I watched the debate on the Internet, and was confused when I first heard the concept of a young earth. However, I realized that a young earth would align with the Bible, because it would mean that there would have been no death before the Fall of Man, so I decided to look into the idea. I bought a copy of “The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years” and the book “Six Days” from the Answers in Genesis website and read them both last summer. I realized that I had been compromising God’s Word my entire life without even thinking about it! I loved both of the books because they drove me to stand on the authority of God’s Word, without compromise. After learning the truth about the earth’s past, I told my family about it. My dad found the Creation Ministries International website, and was amazed after reading many of their articles. This caused him to reject the idea of millions of years. Last summer in August, my family went on a trip to the Creation Museum. I loved it so much. We also went to one of the talks in Legacy Hall called “The Genetics of Adam and Eve”, given by Dr. Georgia Purdom. My mom said that she especially enjoyed this…From all I have learned, it is very clear that it isn’t an issue of evidence. There is an abundance of evidence for the truth, but people will never accept it because if they accept the Bible’s account of history as truth, then they must accept that they are held accountable for their actions to their Creator, which they do not want . . .

Last year, in tenth grade, I took Biology class, and it was very disappointed to see how much my teacher tied in the idea of molecules-to-man evolution to what seemed to me like almost every lesson. We spent three months of the year at the end of the school year only talking about evolution. The resources from Answers in Genesis were very helpful in allowing me to see through the many falsities that my teacher presented as fact . . . It is very saddening to know that so many people are being driven away from the truth of God’s Word because of the ideas of evolution and millions of years. However, I am grateful for ministries like Answers in Genesis, who reach out to the lost through apologetics.

My family is planning another trip to the Creation Museum for this August. This time, we will be spending multiple days there. I am so excited to return! I also can’t wait for the Ark Encounter to open in 2016. It is an amazing project that will surely open many people’s eyes to the truth of God’s Word and the salvation offered through Christ alone. Overall, I just wanted to thank Answers in Genesis for everything it does. Learning about creation and apologetics this past year has strengthened my faith like nothing has before. Also, I wanted to say that even though the culture will reject and mock your ministry because of its commitment to standing on the authority of God’s Word, I hope you will remember all the people who you are helping and not let the culture have power over you or discourage your ministry. Proclaiming the authority of God’s Word is very necessary in the world we live in and I wanted you to know how thankful my family is for all the work your ministry does. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my message. I really appreciate it! —E.S.

We are always thrilled to hear testimonies about how God is using AiG and the Creation Museum to touch people’s lives. It is so vital that we raise a generation of young people who will stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning without compromise. That’s why we do what we do and that’s why we are building the Ark Encounter in northern Kentucky—so that we can reach this culture with the message of biblical authority. We want people to realize that God’s Word can be trusted from the very beginning and therefore the gospel message can also be trusted.

I encourage you to share the books this young lady mentioned, The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years and Six Days with your pastor, relatives, friends, and members of your church to open their eyes to possible compromise in their thinking and encourage them to start their thinking with God’s Word. You can also view my historic debate with Bill Nye, which opened this young lady’s eyes, here.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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