A Biblical Response to Same-Sex “Marriage”

by Ken Ham

A dynamic, powerful, and biblically balanced presentation responding to SCOTUS decision.

After the recent US Supreme Court decision on same-sex “marriage,” the pastor of the church we attend in Florence, Kentucky, Dr. Corey Abney, gave one of the most inspiring and powerful messages I have ever heard. In fact, the congregation responded with a standing ovation and was so thankful for such a biblically balanced and loving message, yet one that took a bold stand on this issue. I believe the whole congregation was so incredibly impacted by this message that I believed it was important to share it with all our friends and supporters. I encourage you to set aside 46 minutes to watch this video with your family and friends—and please share it with as many people as possible.

If you watch just this short 30-second clip from his presentation, you will get a feel for how and what he presented:

Now please set aside 46 minutes to watch the entire presentation at this link and below.

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