Let’s Celebrate “Dependence” Day

by Ken Ham on July 4, 2015

Today on July 4 millions of Americans will celebrate Independence Day. And the Answers in Genesis staff and I take this day to remember and be thankful for the many people who have sacrificed for us so that we can still largely worship the Lord in public in this nation. But, sadly, what we’ve been seeing in America is a culture moving toward proclaiming and celebrating its independence from God’s Word. This is especially true in the last week since the SCOTUS decision to legalize gay “marriage.” For the past several days, Americans all around the country are celebrating sinful lifestyles that have now been proclaimed legal by the US Supreme Court—in direct violation of God’s Word and its standards. This defiant “declaration of independence” is rightly saddening and troubling to many Christians. It shows a definite change in the underlying attitude of our culture. Instead of basing its thinking on God’s Word, our culture as a whole now just bases its thinking on man’s ideas. The result is a culture where “everyone did what was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

Currently in America we enjoy religious freedom, and Independence Day is a day set aside to celebrate and remember these freedoms—and to thank and praise God for them. But we must be on guard because we are slowly losing our religious freedom as Christians are increasingly being persecuted for acting on their religious beliefs and convictions. As our culture grows increasingly secular, we will see an increase in Christian persecution and a loss of liberty.

So what should Christians do in the face of this independence from God’s Word and growing anti-Christian sentiment? Christians need to stand boldly on God’s Word and preach the gospel! It is only the gospel that will change hearts and lives. We need to be bold in sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our friends, relatives, and neighbors so that they can have a personal relationship with the Savior, Jesus Christ.

On this Independence Day I encourage you to read and share this gospel-centered article on how to make Independence Day your Dependence Day—dependence on God and on His Word. You can read the article here.

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