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Recently Mickey Maurer, a columnist with the Indianapolis Business Journal, toured our Creation Museum here in Northern Kentucky. He wrote about his visit in an article titled “Creation Museum Pleasant But ….” Sadly his column is full of misconceptions and errors that would have been corrected simply paying some attention to the signs in the museum or a quick visit to our website. For example, he says that we teach Earth was created 5,000 years ago—but according to Scripture, creation was about 6,000 years ago. He also says that we say that the Grand Canyon was “created in 40 days and 40 nights,” but nowhere do we say that in the museum. The Grand Canyon is the result of the year-long global Flood and its aftermath. He writes (excerpted here),

Last month, my friend Marcia Goldstone and I accepted an invitation from Sen. Mike Delph, R-Carmel, for a road trip to the Creation Museum, where we ventured back to the beginning of time. According to the creationists, that was not so long ago.

Stories of the Bible filled my childhood with delightful wonder . . . [but] for most of us, a literal interpretation of those biblical accounts has given way to a scientific understanding of our world. We continue to tell these biblical accounts to our children because they impart wholesome lessons in an imaginative format—important lessons on how to treat our fellow man—“as they would do unto you.”

In religions, including my own, there is a small minority who insist that the Bible must be interpreted literally—who believe in creationism and assert that man shared the Earth with dinosaurs as part of God’s work just 5,000 years ago.

The Creation Museum near Cincinnati presents that story in entertaining fashion. Visual aids include a planetarium show, an ark and animated dinosaurs. The park features zip lines, botanical gardens and a petting zoo. In the midst of all this fun, a case is offered supporting creationism as a more viable theory than evolution.

But there is a difference. A scientific theory starts with a hypothesis around which evidence is collected—verifiable and repeatable observations. Although many would say it has not been confirmed in all respects, evidence overwhelmingly supports the theory of evolution. Creationism is also a theory, but not one grounded in science. There is no evidence to support this theory. Creationism seeks a supernatural explanation and must be taken on blind faith.

For example, according to “Creation Science,” the Grand Canyon was created in 40 days and 40 nights by God’s wrathful flood not in a millennium of years by natural erosion—a lot of water over a short time, not a little water over a long time.

Another exhibit explains that dinosaurs were rendered extinct by that flood, which occurred a few thousand years ago. I failed to ask why dinosaurs were persona-non-grata on Noah’s ark—probably God did not spec enough cubits to hold those monsters. During my visit, I also did not have time to dialogue with staff on carbon dating and other modern dating technologies.

You can read his full commentary here.

Well, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, a new research scientist at AiG with a PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from Harvard University, spoke with Mr. Maurer when he was here and wrote a response to Maurer’s piece,

It was good to read that Mickey Maurer [June 8 Commentary] had a “fun” and “entertaining” time at our Creation Museum (comments we hear all the time), even though he does not subscribe to our world view.

I briefly met Maurer during his visit and made myself available by phone for any follow-up questions concerning our museum’s content. As a scientist (Ph.D., biology, Harvard) on staff, I stand ready to answer the queries of any layperson when it comes to science.

First, I would submit (and to borrow Maurer’s words) “that a scientific understanding of our world” actually confirms the biblical accounts of the creation and the flood, not evolution. Inside our museum, for example, we present the compelling evidence that dinosaurs have lived in recent times, which supports the biblical narrative. Our website is replete with such dinosaur evidences—

Also, we do not teach that dinosaurs became extinct during the global flood, as Maurer claimed, but that they existed in the post-flood world a few thousand years ago.

As I shared with Maurer at the museum, I would welcome the opportunity to dialogue further and, for example, point out that carbon dating actually confirms the biblical time scale—and rejects the evolutionary one. If he had followed up with me on my genetics research, he would have discovered that creation scientists actually make testable predictions, and that recent genetic discoveries turn the age of the earth debate on its head.

I trust that Maurer and I will have this pleasant conversation—before millions of years elapse!”

We pray that Mr. Maurer, and others, who have come through the museum will be challenged with the authority and accuracy of God’s Word and, most importantly, with the gospel so powerfully presented in The Last Adam video shown in our Special Effects Theater. I encourage you to come and see the world-class Creation Museum for yourself. Be sure to take advantage of our special 2 Buy 2—buy two tickets, get two of equal or lesser value free—promotion this year!

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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