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While in Richmond, Virginia, to speak at the state homeschool conference, I was talked into going to see the new Jurassic World movie (a sequel to the Jurassic Park series of films) in case I was asked to comment on it by the media and AiG supporters. Also, I assume that people who follow me on Facebook and read my blog will ask me about my thoughts about this new dinosaur movie—I am the author of books on dinosaurs, and our Creation Museum has many dinosaur-related exhibits, so I know people will be asking.

Well, here is my initial reaction (someone back at the office is writing a thorough review as I post this, so check back later):

Jurassic World takes over an hour to actually get moving (I found it slow for most of the movie), and then the last 30 minutes is rife with gore and blood—people being eaten by dinosaurs, sea monsters, and pterodactyls. There are mentions and allusions to evolution in the film, especially that dinosaurs evolved into birds over millions of years. For example, the movie begins with a close-up of a velociraptor-type foot, and the next scene shows a similar foot, but the camera pans up to reveal a bird—an obvious reference to the evolutionary idea that dinosaurs evolved into birds. This dino-bird idea is also mentioned in a scene that takes place in what was curiously called a Creation Lab, where dinosaurs are genetically engineered.

Jurassic World Fish

Image reproduced from JurassicWorldMovie.com.

In the film there are references, of course, to millions of years of evolution and to Mother Nature. There is some very bad language, and God’s name is taken in vain. And there’s lots of gore with humans being devoured.

Well, to paraphrase my book Dinosaurs for Kids, this film is “dinosaurs not for kids”! Instead, I recommend you take your children to a wholesome family place where the truth is told about dinosaurs and where they can have an exciting time with family and friends: our Creation Museum near Cincinnati. And this year, take advantage of our 2 Buy 2 ticket program—buy two tickets and get two tickets of equal or lesser value for free.

And if you want a book to teach your children how to understand dinosaurs correctly and from a biblical perspective, then I recommend the book Dinosaurs for Kids.

Now, I like science fiction, but not gory science fiction.

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