Why It Is Disastrous to Believe in Evolution

by Ken Ham on June 12, 2015

Recently Bill Nye “the Science Guy” appeared in an interview in which he defended his participation in our evolution/creation debate last year. Many secularists were upset that Nye chose to debate me, claiming that debating creationists gives us some sense of credibility. Of course, most secularists ignore the fact that many of the greatest scientists of the past were creationists and many PhD scientists today are also biblical creationists (we have several PhD scientists on our full-time staff).

Actually, secularists these days don’t want public debates for a number of reasons, one being they don’t want the public to hear the information they have by and large successfully censored (in the public school system and much of the media). Evolutionists know that when creationists present the true nature of the creation/evolution debate (as I did during the debate with Bill Nye), many people will understand that molecules-to-man evolution is a belief—a religion. The secularists don’t want the public to understand that the religion of atheism is being forced on millions of school students and the culture as a whole.

During his interview, Nye reportedly said,

That debate started with an offhanded comment I made on Big Think. I said, “If you want to believe the Earth is 6,000 years old, that's fine, but don't make your kids believe it.” And in lots of states, kids are taught that evolution is just one possible theory that explains how life came about, and that creationism is another.

We need these kids to be part of the future. We need them to innovate and change the world. But if you raise a generation of students who don't believe in the most fundamental idea in biology, it's a formula for disaster. This is against our national interest, and if you raise a generation like this, they're victims.

What Bill Nye is saying is that creationists can’t innovate or “change the world.” Well, he is obviously blatantly ignoring the many biblical creationists who can—and do—advance scientific knowledge and innovation every day. During our debate, I even gave him some compelling examples and introduced him to Dr. Raymond Damadian, the inventor of the MRI scanner that has saved millions of lives. Dr. Damadian is a biblical creationist, and he was certainly innovative! I also shared a video clip of Dr. Stuart Burgess, who has invented parts for NASA/ESA spacecraft. Dr. Burgess is also a biblical creationist and an innovative engineer.

So it is completely ridiculous and demonstrably untrue to claim that children and adults who are taught biblical creation won’t be able to innovate or change the world. By the way, our latest scientist to join Answers in Genesis, Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson, has a PhD in biology from Harvard University.

I’ve asked Bill Nye and other secularists many times if they can name one piece of technology that was developed because of a belief in molecules-to-man evolution. They still haven’t answered this question, and nor will they, because there aren’t any examples! Evolution is completely unrelated to technological innovation. As Dr. Damadian and Dr. Burgess clearly show, you don’t need to be an evolutionist to be an innovator!

And evolution is not “the most fundamental idea in biology,” as Nye says it is. As I pointed out in a blog post earlier this year, evolution is a way of explaining the origin of the universe and life naturalistically (atheistically). It is one framework through which to interpret the observational evidence. And far from being the foundation of biology, evolutionary ideas have done nothing to further our understanding of biology.

Actually, evolution contradicts what we know from observational biology. Life only ever comes from other life (that’s the law of biogenesis) and yet evolutionists assume that life came from non-life. But we observe that one kind of creature only produces the same kind, and yet evolution assumes that one kind turns into another kind, although this has never been observed. Indeed, there is no known mechanism that could add the massive amounts of brand-new genetic information that would be needed to turn an amoeba into an astronaut over time. Everything we observe confirms that information only comes from other information. Ultimately, that information traces its source back to God, the author of life. No. Evolution is not the foundation of biology.

Actually, it’s evolutionary teaching that’s disastrous when taught to our children. We are raising entire generations of students to believe that they’re nothing more than just animals, that there is no ultimate purpose or meaning to life, and that there are no moral absolutes. And the current cultural decline in the West and the increase of violent and immoral behavior highlight how this teaching in evolution has negatively affected these students. It’s dangerous teaching!

Students need to be taught that there is a Creator who loves them and who made them in His very image. They have meaning, purpose, and value because they were created fearfully and wonderfully. They aren’t just animals—but are special and unique. And they are morally accountable to God.

Students need to be encouraged to explore more about this world so that they can learn more about God and what He has made.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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