Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters of the Ice Age

by Ken Ham on April 26, 2015

Many movies and books popularize the idea of an Ice Age, many of them for kids. They show images of towering wooly mammoths, fierce saber-toothed tigers, massive cave bears, and perhaps primitive humans struggling to survive in the icy cold. The many supposed ice ages are portrayed as mysterious, intriguing times somewhere in the deep past. But the single Ice Age didn’t happen somewhere in the deep mysterious past. Starting with biblical history, we can explain the Ice Age.

You see, the global Flood of Noah’s day would have provided the perfect conditions for an Ice Age. The “fountains of the great deep” bursting forth (Genesis 7:11) would have been associated with volcanic activity, as we see from numerous ash layers in Flood sediments. This would have warmed the oceans and filled the atmosphere with volcanic dust and aerosols which would reflect sunlight back into space. The result is warm oceans and cool air, which leads to excessive evaporation which falls down as snow instead of rain. Because of the cooler air, the snow wouldn’t have melted but would have continued to pile up. Eventually this snow and ice formed glaciers which covered much of the northern and southern portions of the globe. As the world settled back down after the Flood, the ocean cooled back down, the air warmed up, and the glaciers receded back to their current positions. All of this didn’t take place many thousands of years ago but, rather, would have happened not long after the Flood just a few thousand years ago.

When you start with the Bible’s history, we can properly understand and date the Ice Age. Kids need to understand when, why, and how the Ice Age occurred from the proper starting point of God’s Word. Understanding history in connection with God’s Word helps kids to understand that the Bible is real history and the events that occurred in it shaped real time and space events. The Bible, an eyewitness account from the Creator, provides the framework for how we understand history. This is vital for kids to understand! It also gives children a whole different view of climate change than that given by so many in the secular world.

To help children develop a biblical worldview, Buddy Davis, our talented dinosaur sculptor and musician, has written a book just for them called Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters of the Ice Age. This engaging book is packed with information about the real Ice Age and the incredible animals that lived at the time. Kids will love learning about cave bears, elk, “monster birds,” and so much more! And, best of all, they will see how the Ice Age connects with biblical history as they build their biblical worldview.

You can order a copy of Buddy Davis’ Cool Critters of the Ice Age here.

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