Millions of Years: It’s Not a Battle of Science Versus Religion

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When many people consider the age of the Earth debate, they think of it as science versus religion. They assume that those who hold to an old Earth have all the scientific facts behind them, and those who believe in a young Earth are just biased because of their religious beliefs. But it’s not really a battle of science versus religion—it’s a struggle between two philosophical worldviews!

The idea of millions of years arose because of an anti-biblical interpretation. The scientists, and non-scientists, of the past 200 years who began proposing the idea of an old Earth all rejected God’s Word as the true history of the world and instead tried to explain the universe apart from the revealed history in Scripture—by naturalism (which is in essence atheism). They began to interpret the observational evidence through the lens of man’s ideas, rather than the eyewitness testimony of God’s Word. Sadly, instead of opposing these anti-biblical ideas, many leaders in the church simply bought into them and tried to reinterpret Scripture to accommodate this interpretation of the evidence. Their refusal to stand on the authority of God’s Word opened the door to further compromise and doubt regarding the accuracy of God’s Word.

Millions of Years

In this update of Dr. Terry Mortenson’s most popular presentation, he introduces the men and the theories that helped popularize the idea of millions of years of earth history.

In an updated version of his popular talk, AiG speaker Dr. Terry Mortenson explains where the idea of millions of years came from. He reveals that it didn’t come from the scientific evidence—it arose out of an anti-biblical interpretation of the observable evidence. This DVD is an excellent resource to equip you to understand the anti-biblical assumptions behind the idea of vast ages of Earth’s history. This DVD is an especially good tool for pastors and other Christian teachers. Sadly, so many Christian leaders have accepted the idea of millions of years and tried to fit it into the Bible. Many of them just don’t understand where the idea came from and what they are really doing when they teach old ages. I would like to encourage you to obtain this video and give it to your pastor and other Christian leaders—or invite them to dinner and sit down and watch the with them.

You can watch a clip of Dr. Mortensen’s talk below:

You can order your own copy of this powerful DVD, and you can also learn more on the Millions of Years topic page.

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