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Did you know that while guests continue to pour into the Creation Museum, our AiG speakers are still travelling around the country trying to reach as many people as we can with our Bible-affirming seminars and Sunday programs? In fact, during one week recently, we had six AiG speakers on the road around the same time, speaking from Maine to southern Alabama, and also from Texas to Ohio.

I want to encourage you to watch this video that I just recorded which shares the benefits of bringing an AiG program to your church and community—please view it and then forward the video to your church leadership for their consideration with your words of endorsement:

At this time, as we see the Christian faith coming under increasing attack and so many of the 20s generation leaving the church, we need to work hard to equip the church with faith-confirming answers to the skeptical questions of our age.

From time to time I mention some of our passionate speakers—each thoroughly equipped in apologetics to help teens and adults (some speakers can do K–6 programs) defend our Christian faith in these increasingly secularized times. One of our adjunct speakers is Brian Catalucci, based in Colorado. Here is what he wrote to us recently:

At my conference in Longview, Washington last month I had a good number of attendees come up to me and say that they really learned a lot at the conference—including the problem of many people in the church supporting man’s word vs. God’s Word regarding origins—and how science confirms the Scriptures.

One of the most interesting was a gentleman who came up to me and said that my presentations were done in a way that, for the first time, made him really understand the issues, even though he had attended numerous other creation seminars. His statement validated my aim to teach my material in a way that people can understand it and then employ it in their lives and witnessing.

Brian Catalucci

We realize that most Christians (especially in the western half of America) may not have the opportunity to travel and tour our Creation Museum and future Ark Encounter here in Northern Kentucky. But we can bring the creation/gospel message to them—when they host one of our excellent speakers.

Watch my video above and then find out more about hosting one of our excellent speakers—and see your church be better equipped in these challenging times.

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