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Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at AiG, we have a special time with the entire staff to start off the work day. We often have a guest pastor or other Christian leader share devotional thoughts with our staff—it's in an effort to start off the day on an encouraging note.

Recently, we were blessed with some special music from AiG friends and volunteers Robb and Kathy Blanchette. They travel around the country in their RV and give several gospel concerts each year, and we have really grown to appreciate their musical talent and their passion for the Lord. (Listen to samples of their music.)

Robb and Kathy Blanchette Concert

While with us at AiG last week, Robb and Kathy were also volunteering their time in the office and our warehouse.

The Blanchettes have some open concert dates in June when they will be making a loop through Illinois, Tennessee, North Carolina, Kentucky, and Wisconsin—perhaps your church will consider hosting these fine musicians in June if it's located along their route. Contact them about their availability at

Here is a photo of the three of us taken after their 25-minute "mini" concert for our staff and volunteers—I am holding some of their CDs, which my wife Mally and I will enjoy listening to.

Robb and Kathy Blanchette with me

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