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It seems that everywhere we turn in this day and age the family is under attack. As God’s Word has been rejected, God’s definition of family and His plan for the family have also been rejected. It’s vital that our families be equipped to stand on the authority of God’s Word and resist the attack coming from our culture on all sides.

To do just that, every year we host many conferences at the Creation Museum in our beautiful state-of-the-art Legacy Hall. For example, we have our Answers for Pastors, Children’s Ministry, and Answers for Women conferences still to come this year, all taking place in our 900-seat auditorium.

Sometimes we have other events held here that aren’t AiG conferences. One such event is coming to Legacy Hall on June 11–13, 2015 hosted by and the Free Presbyterian Church of Indianapolis, and is called Reforming Families Conference. (Sermon Audio keeps an online collection of sermons and talks from many speakers and churches around the world. The conference they are hosting this year at the museum is themed “The Christian’s War Against the World” and will include topics such as “The Christian’s Use Without Abuse of the World,” “The World’s Allurement of the Christian’s Affections,” “The Cultural Attack Against Biblical Marriage and Gender Distinction,” and more, including a roundtable discussion with the speaker panel. Speakers include my brother Steve Ham, along with Al Martin, Joel Beeke, Kevin Swanson, and Mike Barrett.

The cost for this faith-building family conference is only $30 for the whole family. While you are here at Legacy Hall listening to these exciting speakers, you will also have an opportunity to tour our beautiful gardens, visit the petting zoo, maybe ride a camel, or go on the zip lines. Families can also tour the Creation Museum at a special discounted price.

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