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Genesis 50:20 reads, “But as for you, you meant evil against me; but God meant it for good.” Well, Bill Nye "the Science Guy’s" remarks on his new book and his comments on creation were certainly not intended to drive people back to God’s Word, but that’s exactly what they did! I received a letter recently from a pastor who watched Bill Nye on television promoting his book, and Nye’s comments woke him up to the incredible battle that is going on right now for the hearts and minds of this generation. This pastor wrote the following:

Dear Ken,

First of all, I want to thank you for standing up to the lies that Satan has spread throughout our culture. I have always believed God’s Word is true and I have totally rejected the evolutionary theory as godless and evil. I read your book “The Lie” early on in my ministry. Whenever I preach from Genesis, I preach on the literal Word of God.

But, I think that over the years I lost sight of how the enemy uses this to destroy the faith of many. It wasn't until I saw Bill Nye promoting his book on the CBS Morning Show that it awakened me!

This was after your debate, which I had planned to watch but up [until] that moment had not. But he was so condescending in the remarks about people of faith and your organization. It really lit a fire in me. I was planning my sermons for 2015 at the time and I decided that I must begin the year with a series on the Foundations of Faith—this was a 6 week series covering the first six days of Creation and some fundamental principles we can learn. We had your ministry come in this past weekend to finish the series. Bryan Osborne did a fantastic job.

I was surprised by some of the kick-back I received from folks in church, but it made me more determined than ever. So, I just want to encourage you. You have made a tremendous difference for the kingdom.

I am thankful for pastors like this one who are willing to stand on the authority of God’s Word from the very beginning and not compromise with man’s ideas about the past! Praise God that he is boldly telling his congregation about the truth of God’s Word beginning in Genesis. If you are a pastor, Christian educator, or even a parent, I encourage you to boldly share the truth of God’s Word with those you teach so that they are equipped to answer the skeptical questions of this age with solid truth from God’s Word.

And don’t forget to use as a resource.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,

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