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Do you have a Christian school, youth group, or homeschool in the Northern Kentucky area? If so, I have an exciting opportunity to tell you about.

I blogged earlier about Camp Infinity (Ci), a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) summer camp (which includes creation apologetics) that inspires a love for science and the Creator in students. Well, Ci is more than just a summer camp. They also have exciting programs for Christian schools and homeschools as well as youth groups.

Camp Infinity Robotics

These two fall camps, Ci Mini: Conflicting Worldviews Camp and Ci Mobile: Robotics 101 Adventure Camp (a travelling camp), are designed to teach students in grades 7–12 about the marvels of science and point them toward a biblical worldview. These camps are a unique combination of hands-on, observational science and biblical apologetics. Both of these camps have been very well received by students who enjoyed having both their minds and their hearts challenged with truth.

Camp Infinity Robotics

Observational science is a wonderful tool that can be used to show our kids the handiwork of the Creator and to teach them to think from a biblical worldview. Secularists are becoming increasingly aggressive in trying to reach the next generation with their religion of godlessness, so the church and parents need to be proactive in combating the lies of the world with the truth of God’s Word. Evolution and millions of years is used by many secularists to indoctrinate children into believing that life can be explained without God. However, observational science confirms God’s Word!

Camp Infinity Robotics

I encourage you to suggest that your Christian school, homeschool, or youth group attend or host a Ci Mini: Conflicting Worldviews Camp or Ci Mobile: Robotics 101 Adventure Camp. You can request more information about Ci Mini and Ci Mobile or you can watch a video produced by the camp for a short preview. You can contact Ci by email at [email protected] or by calling 859-412-2203. You can also read my blog about Ci Summer Camp.

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