Camp Infinity 2.0: A Unique Opportunity for Your Students

by Ken Ham on January 2, 2015

Most kids love and are fascinated with science. But, sadly, various science fields are largely used today to indoctrinate children into the belief that there is no Creator God. But What Is Science? actually confirms God’s Word and is an incredible tool that illuminates the hand of our Creator! At AiG we love science and we want the next generation to consider being like Sir Isaac Newton or Johannes Kepler, who made huge contributions to science and also recognized that creation glorifies God. This means that we can use observational science starting from God’s Word to help rescue our kids from secularists’ ideas of evolution and millions of years—basically a way to explain life without God so that they can deny their Creator! Part of “training up a child in the way he should go” (Proverbs 22:6) involves battling the lies that the world throws at them. And science is the perfect way to do just that!

Camp Infinity Staff

I’ve blogged before about an incredible opportunity for young people (grades 7 and up) called Camp Infinity. Ci, as it’s called, is a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) camp that focuses on teaching students about science, technology, and biblical apologetics. Students learn to integrate their Christian faith with different branches of science. Ci’s purpose statement says they “will inspire young people to discover wonder and amazement in everything they see in the world around them and will teach them to face each day with an insatiable curiosity that drives them into a closer relationship with the Infinite One who created it all.” And this one-of-a-kind camp is coming back this summer!

At last summer’s camp students had a great time—90% said they would come back! At the end of their experience, the campers said things like the following:

I really enjoyed camp. It gave me a good picture of learning about my faith and defending it. Over all, I couldn't get enough of Camp Infinity.

This fueled my passion for defending God's Word. There are so many people out there who need to hear the truth, and I feel better equipped to share the truth with them.

Garden of Eden

Parents commented with things like the following:

Mom and Dad could not get over the tour he gave us through the Creation Museum on Saturday. He learned so much in one week we could not believe it! It brought tears to our eyes to see what kind of a foundation was laid in such a short time.

She had a great time at camp. She is using the knowledge that you have taught her. She gave a short presentation at church and has been witnessing to her uncle, a devout atheist. She has been able to refute his theories and he had to stop and think about one of the truths that she said to him. Great camp and you will see her next year.

We are still talking about Ci here at our house! It has been an amazing blessing hearing Andrew talk more about his camp experience, what God is teaching him through the experience, and hearing how his prayers have changed since camp! He praises God so much more for His greatness and goodness to us as he prays each night with us. What a JOY to our hearts as parents!!

For a short preview of Ci summer camp and to hear more about what parents, counselors, and campers are saying, you can watch this short video.

This summer Ci is offering four camps:

  • Conflicting Worldviews Camp (for college students)
  • STEM & Apologetics Day Camp (for grades 7–12)
  • 7-Day STEM & Apologetics Camp (for grades 7–12)
  • 5-Day STEM & Apologetics Camp (for grades 7–12)

These camps are happening near the Creation Museum and include sessions with AiG speakers and other creation scientists. Students will also tour both an evolutionary museum and the Creation Museum. During these museum trips, students are taught the difference between man’s view of the world and God’s view and are encouraged to start their thinking from God’s Word. With a low camper-to-counselor ratio, Ci works hard to affect hearts for Christ. Our staff at the Creation Museum noted how much time the counselors took with each student as they toured the museum.

Ken Ham Dr. Danny Faulkner Dr. Tommy Mitchell

At Ci, students get the chance to spend an entire week of the summer doing nothing but hands-on science. Not only will they learn more about how the creation works, but they will also see God’s hand in Creation. A week of doing science is the perfect environment for kids to absorb knowledge about their Creator!

LEGO Robotics Zipline

I encourage you to apply for one of these unique, faith-building camps happening this summer. To apply, visit this page.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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