A Different View of the Galápagos

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The Galápagos Islands of South America have been used for so long to promote Darwin’s ideas about evolution that, to many people, these Galápagos Islands are now synonymous with evolution. But these beautiful and unique islands are actually evidence of a creator and a testament to the truth of His Word. Darwin understood the Galápagos wrongly because he began with the wrong starting point—man’s word. When you start with God’s Word, you can properly understand the unique features of these islands.

AiG’s Dr. Georgia Purdom takes you on a journey through the incredible Galápagos from the biblical perspective in her book Galápagos Islands: A Different View. Filled with stunning photographs, this book will equip you to counter the claim that the Galápagos is a testament to evolutionary ideas. This unique book contains articles from nearly 30 creation theologians and scientists who will strengthen your faith in God’s Word and help you develop a more biblical worldview.

Galápagos Islands: A Different View

This book goes along with the Living Science curriculum and Dr. Purdom’s DVD Journey to the Galápagos: The Trip of a Lifetime. This DVD, filmed on location in the Galápagos, also highlights the biblical perspective of these islands and gives insight into the science of the wildlife that inhabit these islands. Experience the beauty and wonder of the Galápagos without all the evolutionary claims in this faith-building DVD.

I encourage you to order your copy of Galápagos Islands: A Different View and Journey to the Galápagos: The Trip of a Lifetime from our online bookstore.

We also have articles on the AiG website about the Galápagos such as Revisiting Darwin’s Laboratory by Dr. Purdom.

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