An (Intriguing) Ark Construction Update: Then and Now

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Ark construction update: Yesterday I spent a couple of hours at the Ark construction site—amazing to see how much progress has been made. It is virtually impossible for anyone to grasp the enormity of this project unless you can be there and walk around it all. I took this short video with my iPhone camera, overlooking the actual site where the life-size Ark is being constructed—the last section of the video overlooks the actual Ark construction area.

If you look carefully you can see many vehicles in the distance. There are workers installing sewer lines, water, electricity, and pouring concrete for foundations for the three towers that will anchor the structure, the house elevators, the restrooms, and so on. Others are working on the tram road across to the parking area—I was staggered by how much soil has already been moved for the massive parking lot. A total of around 1.6 million cubic yards of soil is being moved for this project—and most of that has been completed. Praise the Lord. Keep praying. Keep up to date with the project at

Ark Encounter Then and Now

On the left is a photograph taken at the Ark property before construction began. This photo (taken towards the south) shows part of the site where the Ark will be constructed. The photo on the right was taken of much the same area, but taken toward the north. This shows the incredible amount of work that has already been accomplished. Perhaps some of the atheists that have previously claimed this project will never happen—or even is not happening—may try to claim the photo was done in Photoshop or something!

If you look at the right side of the right photo—you will see someone (me, actually) standing with a yellow jacket on. Farther back you will see one of our staff in an orange jacket—and if you look very closely, way, way farther back, you will see another yellow jacket (another staff member). We are standing at the edge of the ark—the other edge will be basically where you see the foundation construction (of the towers that will anchor the Ark at the back of the structure). Where the three of us are standing is almost the length (500 feet) of the Ark. It will be an enormous building—the biggest timber frame building in the United States.

Again, please be in prayer for the project and keep up to date with its progress at

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