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Our friends at the Living Waters ministry are constantly producing high-quality evangelism resources like Evolution vs. God and Noah and the Last Days. Their newest resource involves America’s favorite big family—the Duggars! The Duggars—a family with 19 children and stars of TLC TV’s popular 19 Kids and Countingare often in the news for their bold stand on biblical authority and their unashamed preaching of the gospel. The Duggar family has visited the Creation Museum a number of times before; their first visit was even broadcast on their TV show  in 2008! Most recently, the Duggars visited the museum in September 2014, which gained national exposure and support, mostly thanks to Jessa Duggar’s pictures of her visit on Instagram.

Living Waters ministry’s 19 Kids and Preaching is an intimate look into the faith of this family as well as a guide to preaching the gospel. The 19 Kids and Preaching website sums it up this way:

If you follow the famous Duggar family, you’ve no doubt enjoyed watching them throughout their many adventures. From shopping and preparing meals, to traveling and skydiving, with a family this big it’s always life at the extremes. But you’ve never seen them do anything as exciting as this: open-air preaching!

Join TV host and bestselling author Ray Comfort as he offers tips on how to preach the gospel and then watch as Joshua Duggar takes courage, steps up to the plate and preaches open-air style—outside the White House! Listen as Jim Bob and Michelle unashamedly testify to their Christian faith in the open air at a local university. This up-close and personal look at the Duggar family’s faith in action will encourage and inspire you.

It’s so great to see a family that is willing to stand up and proclaim what they believe to a lost world and to teach their children to do the same. We live in a time when most people have rejected the Bible and have little knowledge of the true gospel. We, as Christians, need to be active in preaching Christ and making disciples. Part of this is being thoroughly equipped to “give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15). That’s why Answers in Genesis, Living Waters, and others like us exist—to equip the church to boldly proclaim the Word of God from the very first verse.

Please take a moment to enjoy a brief trailer of the DVD at http://goo.gl/qYYZGk:

To order a copy of 19 Kids and Preaching visit 19KidsAndPreaching.com.

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