Nobel-Winning Scientists Push for Ban of Creation in Scottish Schools

by Ken Ham

I have emphasized over and over that we are in a war and the battle is for the hearts and minds of our kids and news coming out of Scotland only confirms this.

Scientists with the Scottish Secular Society are pushing for the government to ban the teaching of a “separate creation” and “Young Earth doctrines” from publicly funded schools in Scotland. According to a recent news article in Scotland’s Sunday Herald, Scotland’s current education policy is that teachers and educational professionals—not the government—should determine school curriculum. This means that teachers can at least present the many problems with evolutionary ideas as well as possibly present other alternatives, such as biblical creation, to their students.

Naturally, the Scottish Secular Society is not happy about this as they want their religion of naturalism to be taught exclusively. One of the scientists, Sir Harold Kroto, said that “creationism was a religious concept and there should be recognition that schools should be teaching facts.” Of course, by “facts” they mean their own religion of naturalism, and by “creationism” as “a religious concept” they, no doubt, mean Christianity, which I believe is the real issue to them. Basically, by saying that we must teach facts, not religion, they are saying that their religion is the right one and should be taught to children.

Kroto also says that, “If parents want their children to be educated in religious instruction, then there are plenty of churches and Sunday schools for them to do that.” But, that’s not the point. What he is really saying is that Christianity is not true and therefore has no place alongside “facts” in school. Instead, it is his religion of naturalism that is true and should be forced upon the culture.

Now, these scientists claim that “belief-based teaching should be entirely separate from science teaching” but what they don’t realize is that you can’t teach any model of origins without teaching a belief system. As I have pointed out many times, including in my debate with Bill Nye, there is a distinction between observational science and historical science. Observational science deals with the present and is what builds technology and advances medicine. This kind of science is directly observable, testable, and repeatable. All three of the scientists pushing this petition have won Nobel prizes for observing the present and developing useful technologies—atheists can be great scientists when using observational science.

Well, unlike observational science, historical science deals with what happened in the past and is therefore not directly observable, testable, or repeatable. What you believe about historical science is going to largely be determined by your presuppositions. Biblical creationists have the presupposition that God’s Word is an accurate account of earth’s history, and so we see the world through the lens of God’s Word. These scientists with the Scottish Secular Society have a presupposition that the world arrived through naturalist processes, and this directs their interpretation of the evidence. This worldview of naturalism is directly contradictory to what God’s Word teaches for it is a way of explaining life without God. It is a belief system and a religion!

So as these scientists push to ban creation from being taught in schools they are not separating “belief-based teaching” and “science teaching.” Instead, they are simply pushing their own religion of atheistic naturalism on students.

The situation is no different in the USA. In fact, this war on Christianity is happening worldwide. I pray the public wake up and realize the atheist minority are doing their best to legislate that the coming generations be brainwashed in evolutionary naturalism (atheism). These secular groups don’t want freedom of religion; they want freedom from Christianity—because they are in rebellion against the One who created them and owns them.

We are indeed in a fierce and ongoing spiritual war for our kids, which is why it is so important to  teach your children the truth of God’s Word and equip them with answers so that they can defend the hope within them (1 Peter 3:15). One way that we can fight this war is by bringing kids to visit the faith-building, Bible-affirming Creation Museum. That’s why we have the “Kids Free in 2014” program for the Creation Museum.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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