Zip Lines at the Creation Museum Just Got Better!

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Here at the Creation Museum in Northern Kentucky we have the biggest and best zip lines in the Midwest—and they just got better!

We were already using the very best hardware available on the market, called the Smart Snap system, but we have just finished installing a brand-new system that is even safer. We are privileged to be able to partner with Mike Holder of Historic Banning Mills to convert to a new product, the Vertical Advantage Safety Hook. This system is a European design, and we are the first in North America to use it. It will make our tours smoother, faster, and safer than ever before. Here are a couple of videos that demonstrate the new safety feature:

This new design means that guests will not only have a smoother experience as they soar through the air, but they will also be able to enjoy more of the course in a shorter period of time. Also, attractive signs accentuate the zip line course to educate guests about some of God’s amazing flying creatures our lines are named after. Other signs inform visitors about the trees they will encounter, as well as key teaching points from a creationist perspective.

If you’ve never experienced the 2.5 miles of excitement—that’s 23 zip lines and 10 sky bridges—at Screaming Raptor Zip Lines then you need to plan a trip to come to the biggest and best zip lines in the Midwest at the Creation Museum!

You can read more about the zip lines on the museum blog.

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