Science Textbook Reviewer Visits Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on September 8, 2014

Dr. Dan Biddle of California has a special website for students (and their parents) in grades six through high school in the public schools of California to help them investigate the claims made in public school science textbooks. Because the science books used in his state are also seen in many other states, his website may be useful to many students across America.

Dr. Biddle’s ministry, Genesis Apologetics, is a non-profit organization that equips Christian public school students with faith-building resources that confirm the Bible’s accuracy from its very first verse. At the same time, he provides answers from science and the Bible that question the dogma of evolutionary teaching, which permeates public schools in California and most other states.

Here is a photo of Dr. Biddle and his son Matthew (left) with me, along with Dr. Biddle’s coworker David:

Textbook Reviewer

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