Intolerant Secularists to Protest AiG Conference

by Ken Ham

Well, the intolerant secularists are at it again. They are organizing a protest of the AiG Mega Conference in Costa Mesa, California. But this is a private conference, held on private property, and nobody is being forced to attend. Yet apparently for these secularists, such a conference should not even be held—perhaps be outlawed entirely in this land of the free!

The Freethought Alliance and Backyard Skeptics (claimed by the group to be the largest secular organization in Orange County) sent out an email stating they will be protesting the AiG conference being held at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa this Thursday.

Actually, this protest offers a great witnessing opportunity for Christians. I encourage as many Christians as possible to travel to Costa Mesa and witness to these very lost secularists. I’ve already asked the 1,000 attendees at the conference to witness to the protestors concerning the truth of God’s Word and the gospel—and I will also ask all those who are present Wednesday night at Calvary Chapel (I’m speaking at their regular Wednesday night service) to come and witness to them.

It is so sad to read the secularists’ email and see their utter ignorance in regard to their beliefs about science and the origins issue. For instance, they are calling their protest: “PRO-SCIENCE PROTEST AT CREATIONISM CONFERENCE.”

For those of you who watched my debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy,” you will remember how I took the time to explain what the word “science” means. Its basic definition is “knowledge.” I then explained the difference between “historical science” (knowledge concerning the past) and “observational science” (knowledge gained by direct observation and experiment—the kind of knowledge that builds our technology).

These secularists in Orange County just refuse to admit that they have belief aspects in regard to their evolutionary view of origins—so they just will not accept the difference between “historical” and “observational” science. They absolutely refuse to admit they have beliefs. That’s why I emphasized this aspect during the Bill Nye debate—and many who watched got the point. Bill Nye and other secularists don’t want people to understand this point—they don’t want people knowing that molecules-to-man evolution is a blind faith belief.

This group also stated the following:

The teachings of creationism harms the US educational system by promoting and teaching anti-science and religious dogma. They consistently try to change laws which will allow them to teach anti-science creationism in public schools. Teaching creationism lowers the science proficiency of students in the US whether or not it is in public schools or home-schooled. Currently the US is rated very low in science and math compared to all other industrialized nations. Creationists discard every piece of scientific data that does not mesh with their preconceived dogmas. Creationists allow themselves wild speculation, baseless assertions, lies, deceit, and a belief in magic to defend their dogmas.
Well there is much we could say in response. But let me bring up two points in particular:
  1. Secularists today have been able to get the government to legislate the protection of the the teaching of evolution in public schools and not even allow students to consider the problems with evolution or correctly understand science. The secularists know that if the students were to hear even just a little of the information that is taught at the AiG conference by the many credentialed scientists, they would realize molecules-to-man evolution is simply not true and impossible. Secularists are actually using state funds to impose their religion of atheism on generations of students in the public schools.
  2. I have to laugh every time I read these secularists imply that because science testing scores are low in the USA, that it’s the fault of creationists! You see, by and large creation has been out of public schools for a few decades, and evolution, in the majority of classroom instances, is taught as fact! And it is true that science scores are low (not true of homeschoolers, by the way), yet the secularists have the gall to blame creationists for the scores when it’s been evolution that has been taught as fact for years by secularists in schools! Such logic is beyond me.
Well, pray about this protest. Pray that lots of Christians will politely but boldly witness to these people who desperately need to receive Christ’s free gift of salvation.

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