Secularists Make Great Publicists for Us

by Ken Ham on July 23, 2014

Sometimes I think we should be paying atheists to be our publicists! Sure they often distort, misquote, misrepresent, and tell outright untruths about us. But they can be so creative in their writings, that, as they make up stories about us, they gain a lot of publicity for AiG across the Internet and other media all around the world.

Now the space aliens nonsense that went viral (I supposedly said aliens are going to hell—but I don’t even believe in aliens!) has reached the Irish Independent newspaper and even a Muslim website! The Irish piece stated the following:

Isn’t that a bit alienist?

The reliably mad Creationist Ken Ham has marked the 45th anniversary of arguably humanity’s greatest achievement - landing a man on the moon - by denouncing those Godless, soulless aliens and pointing out that while God created Jesus as a ‘Godman’ he did not create a ‘GodKlingon’.

No, I think Mr Ham will find that they were created by Gene Rodenberry.

You have to admit, it takes brains of stone to mark such a momentous occasion by arguing that there are no aliens. But even if there were, they’d be heathens.

But do aliens believe in Ken Ham? Do any of us?

Yes, such commentators can be very creative.

You see, I had given theological reasons why I believe there are no aliens in outer space, and atheists (who don’t really understand the Christian faith and the gospel) then made up a very creative (but ridiculous) story that spread around the world.

Here are some more of the headlines that were seen across the Internet, including one from a Muslim site:

Creationist Ken Ham Says Aliens Will Go To Hell So Let’s Stop Looking For Them (from The Muslim Times)
Ken Ham Pretty Sure That Aliens Don’t Exist, But If They Do, They’re Going To Hell
Ken Ham calls U.S. space program a waste [sic], since the Bible tells us that alien life doesn’t exist . . .
Ken Ham v The Aliens
Ken Ham: World’s Looniest Public Figure
Ken Ham thinks we need to stop wasting out money exploring space [sic], because there is no life up in space and if there were they’d all a bunch of sinners anyway.
Creationist Ken Ham Thinks Aliens Go to Hell, So Why Fund NASA?
Ken Ham Versus Heathen Space Aliens
Ken Ham of Creation Museum fame has to be one of the stupidest human beings on the planet
Everyone’s Talking About Ken Ham Denigrating Space Exploration [sic]

Here is a link to my short blog post that evoked all these (and many more) responses.

Yes, secularists make great publicists for us!

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