BioLogos Targets Children and Teens with Theistic Evolution

by Ken Ham on July 2, 2014

In a couple of recent articles, BioLogos (an organization dedicated to promoting evolution and millions of years to Christians) has made it clear that they’re going after our youth—young children though high school. The Bible makes it clear that God’s people are to train up their children in truth, so they won’t be led astray by the evil teachings of this world. But the devil also knows this teaching, so he works hard to indoctrinate children at a young age in false teaching. Sadly, I do believe that organizations like BioLogos—even if staffed by Christians—are helping the devil in leading this and coming generations away from the truth of God’s Word.

Now, BioLogos adamantly teaches that Christians can mix evolution and millions of years with the Bible, because these BioLogos compromisers deny the historical truth of Genesis chapters 1–11. Their speakers hold classes and other speaking engagements to encourage the church to compromise on Genesis. It’s interesting to note that as biblical creation and apologetics organizations like AiG have risen up in influence in the church and culture, we also see those who are opposed to taking God’s Word as written in Genesis increase in influence. I believe this is no coincidence and reflects the spiritual battle roaring around us—a battle for the hearts and minds of this and future generations.

Evolutionary Books for Pre-Schoolers

In early June, BioLogos made the announcement that they’re launching a resource page of educational materials, with evolutionary books for children beginning in pre-school.

The author of the announcement reviews one book called Older Than the Stars, which teaches the anti-biblical idea of the big bang to pre-schoolers:

Take a look at Older than the Stars (2011). The title presents the emphasis of the book: all the organisms on earth today, even our own bodies, are made of elements present from the very, very, early beginnings of our universe. Pre-schoolers through elementary graders will appreciate this lively trek over billions of years, and adult readers will appreciate the sing-songy rhythm of the text.

These engaging children’s books are being used to teach even the youngest children that the universe is billions of years old and that God supposedly used evolution to do His creative work. And because the books are colorful and filled with rhymes, they could be effective tools in leading children astray. While the author claims these books “convey the vastness and richness of the universe as well as the awesome majesty of our God,” what they are really doing is teaching children that God’s Word cannot be trusted! But with BioLogos, the indoctrination doesn’t stop at children—they also want to influence those who teach children.

Textbooks Rejecting Biblical Creation

In another article, written by an administrator of the textbook company Novare Science and Math, BioLogos attempts to show Christian teachers how to engage students on theistic evolution. Now, Novare Science and Math’s textbook philosophy makes it clear that the company rejects biblical creation:

Finally, virtually every Christian science textbook publisher is overtly committed to an agenda of rejecting mainstream scientific evidence pertaining to the age of the earth. For both Biblical and scientific reasons, we believe it is time to put this debate behind us. We find the literalistic model of an earth approximately 10,000 years old to be not only not necessitated by the soundest principles of Biblical exegesis, but to be in conflict with the “other book” of God’s revelation: the creation itself. [emphasis in original]

So, according to Novare Science and Math, parents or teachers who use any young-earth promoting science curriculum are supposedly “rejecting science.” This accusation is totally false, but is commonplace among secularists and theistic evolutionists. They want to inoculate parents and students against thinking critically about evolutionary claims, so they claim that if you believe anything else, you’ve supposedly rejected “science.” Really, it’s just a rejection of the completely unproven idea of evolution and the God-rejecting naturalistic worldview that spawned it. While atheistic evolutionists claim God does not exist, Christians who accept evolutionary ideas about the age of the earth and the origin of life, which are clearly in conflict with God’s Word, are in effect calling God a liar and rejecting His Word. They are in essence helping the secularists to inoculate children against the Bible as the infallible Word of God.

Equipping with Answers

But at Answers in Genesis, we are committed to providing children, teens, parents, Sunday school teachers, and even teachers at Christian schools with materials rooted in biblical authority—materials that teach the whole Bible, as it should be understood, without twisting the truth in the parts that fail to fit fallible man’s ideas. AiG provides resources that answer the skeptical questions of this age and equip students and teachers to defend the Christian faith.

I encourage you to check out the great specials we have on our children’s and youth resources—and our wide range of curricula for teachers. We have to teach our children from a young age (even pre-school) that they can trust the Word of God and answer skeptical questions, so they’ll be equipped to handle claims that challenge biblical authority.

Find more about AiG’s God-honoring and equipping resources.

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