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Answers in Genesis had the opportunity this week to promote our ministry at the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, which was held in Baltimore, Maryland. We had a display on the Ark Encounter project, along with various resources we offered free to pastors and other Christian leaders in attendance. We handed out quite a variety of resources and other creation-apologetics booklets. It’s all a part of our mission to equip leaders in the church—and thus help reach the church with the vital message of standing on the authority of God’s Word from the very first verse.

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Our four staff out there (Jason Nave, Joe Boone, David Chakranarayan, and Bryan Osborne) told me they were so blessed to hear testimonies from several people who have expressed their thanks for the AiG ministry—enabling them to defend the Christian faith in today’s world. A typical comment they heard went something like this: “The ministry of Answers in Genesis has changed my life . . . our family’s life . . . our church . . . ” and so on.

They also told me of countless Christian leaders who were so thankful for the recent debate between me and Bill Nye. We are very grateful for the many Southern Baptist leaders who love AiG and use our resources in their mission to equip the church and fulfill the great commission—read the following feedback by two senior pastors:

Answers in Genesis continues to be a blessing to Blackshear Place Baptist Church. Our recent Answers in Genesis conference with Ken Ham demonstrated, once again, the hunger people have for biblical truths. We saw thousands gather session after session to hear God’s Word taught. The resources they brought continue to be a blessing to our people. We thank the Lord for this vital ministry.

– Pastor Jeff Crook, senior pastor, Blackshear Place Baptist Church, Flowery Branch, Georgia

Our church is known for its Sunday school program. Thousands of people attend every Sunday morning. So I’m excited to discover the Answers Bible Curriculum. . . . For too long we’ve expected new Christians and non-Christians to be aware of the basics of Christianity. But they just aren’t. Our society has changed so much that as God has been largely banned from the public arena, people are ignorant of the Christian faith. . . . ABC shows families the Bible is true! Yes, it can be trusted! That’s one big reason I love the ABC curriculum. . . . I wholeheartedly recommend this ABC curriculum to you and your church.

Johnny Hunt, senior pastor of First Baptist of Woodstock, Georgia (former president of the Southern Baptist Convention)

I also want to congratulate Dr. Ronnie Floyd, Pastor at Cross Church in Springdale, Arkansas, who was elected as president at this years convention. I have had the opportunity to speak at his church back in April 2008. Here is a blog post I wrote that mentions the incredible time we had with Dr. Floyd. I believe Dr. Floyd will be a great leader for the second largest denomination in the U.S.

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