We Are Ready!

by Ken Ham on June 12, 2014

Earlier today I was thrilled to pick up, on behalf of the Creation Museum, a certification from the National Weather Service (NWS) that has designated our museum as a “StormReady Supporter.” An official with the NWS plus local officials representing the fire department and the county emergency management office were on hand as the museum received this prestigious certification.

StormReady certificate

Because there aren’t very many StormReady places in our state that are private (i.e., not governmental , not a public school) and have received this special designation, we are very much honored. And I thank our museum staff who got us through the process of getting this certification. This designation is just another manifestation to our museum guests, staff, and community of our commitment to keep people as safe as possible during severe weather.

We have posted on the AiG homepage the news release we distributed earlier today to the media about the museum receiving this special designation.

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