Should We Unite Around Man’s Fallible Word or God’s Infallible Word?

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A news report Tuesday stated, “Hill is one of hundreds of pastors who signed a petition urging the church to remain unified and respect others’ opinions on homosexuality reports USA Today.”

BUT–should we unite around man’s fallible word OR unite around God’s infallible Word? And therein lies the problem, and it’s been the problem since Genesis chapter 3. Sinful man wants unity around man’s fallible word, instead of standing with unity and without compromise on the infallible Word of God.

The report also states,

Leaders of the United Methodist Church will gather in Florida on Wednesday to discuss church business; the church’s stance on homosexuality will likely be a hot button issue. . . .

“It’s distressing to me that we’re still focusing on minor issues, same-sex, homosexuality,” said Rev. John Hill of the Suntree United Methodist Church. “Others many feel different, but the real issues the Jesus called us to confront are feeding the hungry, clothing the naked and not necessarily this issue. It’s maybe important but not essential.”

And what does God’s Word clearly state?

“But from the beginning of the creation, God made them male and female’” (the words of Christ, Mark 10:6).

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