False Accusations Deliberately Spread

by Ken Ham on June 11, 2014

Secularists critique (often with ad hominem attacks) just about everything we write about at AiG. But because we dared write detailed (and well-thought-out and researched) reviews of the ardently atheistic evolutionary Cosmos TV series they’re so enamored by, they make all sorts of false accusations. For example, recently secularists spread the rumor that AiG astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner demanded on a radio program equal time to respond to the Cosmos series. This outright lie was then spread through the Internet. I wrote a blog post about this rumor, documenting that Dr. Faulkner did not demand equal time and asserting that this claim was just an untruth deliberately spread by secularists to suggest we were worried by the Cosmos program.

We are certainly used to such evolutionary teaching being broadcast on TV and spread through the public education system, secular museums, etc. Because we expect this, we do the best we can to review as many such programs and articles as we can to provide teaching resources for people.

Well, this morning I read the following on a secularist site:

A measure of the effectiveness and reach of “Cosmos” came from the non-stop attacks from the creationist and right-wing community. The Discovery Institute ID creationist site savaged nearly every episode, as did Ken Ham’s Answers in Genesis site, and numerous other creationist and climate-denier outlets. They gave no such attention to Neil Shubin’s “Your Inner Fish” on PBS, even though it presented evolution is [sic] an even more friendly but unyielding, matter-of-fact fashion without even mentioning religion once. These anti-science forces do not regard Shubin’s show, with its limited, mostly well educated PBS audience, as much of a threat to reach their core audience.
Well, the above quote is just another false statement in the continued attempts by many secularists to make out that we are so worried by the Cosmos series, and that we supposedly ignore other evolutionary TV programs like Your Inner Fish. And of course note the “climate-denier” and “anti-science” statements, added just to put in some emotional hype for their followers who are so eager to reject whatever we write before we even post or print it!

And, just to let this secularist (who hasn’t done the research) know, we review all sorts of TV programs, books, articles, etc. In fact, here are links to our reviews of Your Inner Fish that we published on our website this past April:

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