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There has been a lot of excitement about the Cosmos TV series as well as last week’s announcement that supposed evidence for the big bang been found, which received major headlines. The Cosmos program has been airing for several weeks on the Fox Channel and National Geographic Channel (and also in 70 nations) and is filled with evolutionary content. AiG researchers and writers have responded to these two news items, and their replies were published on the main AiG website.

For many of the secularists who have written about our recent articles, I think they must be sitting and waiting at their computers monitoring what we are writing on our website—so they can then can continue in their attacks on AiG and spread misinformation about what our scientists say (or don’t say—more about that in a moment).

I have just returned from Australia, and while I was gone our astronomer Dr. Danny Faulkner was busy talking to the media about the Cosmos TV series and the supposed evidence for the big bang. Dr. Faulkner commented on last week’s news about the big bang (including an interview on BBC Radio over the weekend). Dr. Faulkner’s blog post today discusses both of these astronomy-related news and also reveals how many media outlets completely misrepresented him about the Cosmos program. Here is a section of Dr. Faulkner’s blog post:

Recent Excitement over Cosmos and Cosmic Inflation

Things eventually settled down here at Answers in Genesis after the Bill Nye/Ken Ham debate last month, but last week things heated up again, at least for me. First, I’m sure that many of you have been watching the new Cosmos TV series on the Fox Network and other channels. I’ve enjoyed the show, though, of course, there are many things that I disagree with. I’ve done several interviews about the show. One of these was on the Janet Mefferd Show on the Salem Radio Network Thursday of last week, March 20 (listen to the audio).

The following day, The Wire reported that I (or alternately, the Creation Museum) allegedly had demanded equal time on the Cosmos show. They even provided the audio clip where I supposedly made this demand. I say “supposedly,” because if you play the clip, you’ll easily notice that I made no such demand. Other websites quickly picked up the story, such as the Examiner.com. The International Business Times further embellished the story, having me making my alleged demand in an interview with Right Wing Watch. That detail isn’t true either, because the interview was with Janet Mefferd, not Right Wing Watch, which has since been corrected on the International Business Times article. Right Wing Watch has never interviewed me, but I had better be careful, because they might use my words to claim that I’m demanding that they do interview me!

Responding to the Supposed Evidence for Cosmic Inflation
But there was another big event last week. You probably heard about the announcement on Monday, March 17, about the claim of the discovery of evidence for cosmic inflation in the early big bang universe. I quickly prepared a very brief initial response that went up on the Answers in Genesis website the same day. TheBlaze.com took notice and ran a piece on my article.

Additionally, though he didn’t mention my name, Dr. Karl W. Giberson published a rebuttal to my brief response to the inflation announcement at The Daily Beast. Giberson, a professing Christian but who believes in evolution, began with this statement:

The “Big Bang” theory of the origin of the universe got a big boost this week when scientists reported the discovery of 14-billion-year-old echoes of the universe’s first moments—the first proof of an expanding universe, and the last piece of Einstein’s general theory of relativity.
I encourage you to read the rest of Dr. Faulkner’s fascinating blog post on the big bang and the Cosmos TV series. Also, make sure to read our review of part three of the Cosmos program that just aired.

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