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Dale Mason of our staff just sent me the following announcement that we wanted all of you to read right away about an excellent recent release on Noah and the Flood.

Hollywood’s thoroughly fictionalized and unbiblical Noah film comes out this Friday. Have you ordered “our” Noah video package yet? It’s the one produced by our friends at Living Waters, and it includes a special message by AiG president, Ken Ham.

The DVD version of our Noah video package was originally scheduled to come out on DVD this Friday, the date of the release of the Russell Crowe big-budget, highly controversial Hollywood drama. But our plans have changed! Due to the incredible amount of controversy surrounding Hollywood’s slam at Bible truth, the Living Waters production will release for free on YouTube, and for permanent download to your computer hard drive (for only $4.99), in a few hours—3 PM on Tuesday (March 25).

This Living Waters production is a combination of Ray Comfort comparing what the Bible says about the Flood to what average Americans believe, plus Ken Ham teaching on Creation and the Last Days. Both of these videos are combined on a single DVD, and they are still available right now as a digital video download. By ordering before Tuesday at 3 PM, you help both Living Waters and Answers in Genesis to produce more of these types of hot-topic videos in the future! But even if you can’t order until Tuesday, you are still getting this important info in advance of the Hollywood drama opening on thousands of screens this coming Friday. You need to view ours, now.

And to help you to be ready to answer the questions of your coworkers, friends, and family, we are praying that many of you will go to our online store now and order both an immediate download, and at least one copy of the DVD. That way you can watch the download before the Hollywood version comes out, and you’ll be one of the first to receive the DVD so you can easily share that with friends and other loved ones. (You can even order the DVD version from us right now in bulk for as little as $1.99 each! We start shipping the DVD version this Friday!)

There is such great need for truthful, God-honoring teaching about the Flood, the Ark’s animals, and the Ark that God called a “righteous” Noah (Hebrews 11) to build. It’s not just a story to be twisted! Taking huge artistic license as this Hollywood film does only confuses our children and teens (and adults) even more, and causes our culture not to trust the historical account that God gave us in Genesis! Be sure you are able to discern truth from make-believe. This is an easy way to be ready, quickly!

You will be intrigued by our friend Ray Comfort’s excellent teaching and interviews. They are alarming and eye-opening! We are so thankful for what Ray has done here. And we think you will appreciate the bonus presentation where Ken Ham goes into more depth than most people have heard on this important topic of our day.

God sent a real Ark to save a real family and representatives of every kind of land animal from a real Flood. How could this possibly be? Order our video package and you’ll be able to answer that question for many who want to know!

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