Join Me for a Live-Stream Movie Review of Noah on Friday!

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In order to give you as much advanced noticed as possible, I am publishing this blog post tonight instead of Wednesday, March 26.

Lately I have written a lot about the upcoming Russell Crowe film Noah. My comments were based on the report of an AiG staff member who saw a rough cut of the film late last year, on a forum I attended at a convention last month where the film was discussed by three people who had watched the film, and on what others who have seen the film have written about it.

Because many of the very unbiblical aspects of this movie have been made public, there has been a very active PR campaign by Paramount Pictures, some Christian leaders, and others to try to lure the Christian public to see this movie.

So that AiG can give the best-informed review possible on this movie, I, along with a couple of AiG researchers, will be watching Noah as soon as it’s released in theatres this week. Then, I encourage you to join me this Friday, March 28, at 8 PM eastern time on (a new section of our website) for a live stream of our review of this self-proclaimed blockbuster movie.

I will be joined by our CCO, Mark Looy, and the content manager of our Ark Encounter project, Tim Chaffey. We will offer our perspective on this movie—although we already know much of the film’s unbiblical content and have blogged about it (you can find my blog posts on our new Noah movie page). We trust that our review will further help you make an informed decision concerning how a Christian should react to this movie about a major character and event in the Bible.

The new Creation Debate section of our website has been set up to compile articles, videos, etc., as AiG’s ongoing look at news and cultural affairs that are examined in light of Scripture. As well as reviews of movies and TV shows (like Cosmos for instance),  the Creation Debate section explores the news of the day that relates to biblical authority, the Christian worldview, and the gospel. In addition to AiG’s main website,, and other AiG websites, I urge you to bookmark and check it regularly.

Now because the Hollywood movie Noah is being released this week, one of our supporters sent an email to a large number of people with an idea, and this ministry friend suggested we consider taking up their idea.  I do enjoy receiving feedback and suggestions from our supporters—and I thought this one was a great idea for us to take up.  So here it is:

What if everyone who supports the Bible’s account of Noah sends $10 to The Ark Encounter of Answers in Genesis instead of buying a ticket to go see the Noah movie? We have only [a few days] until opening day, but with social media, we may be able to make a dent.
Now, that’s a great idea. Here is a link to our Ark Encounter donation page.

I look forward to sharing my view of Noah with you Friday at 8 PM eastern time during a live web stream at

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