“The LORD set my feet on the solid rock”

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As I was preparing for the recent debate with Bill Nye “the Science Guy” (that was held at the Creation Museum on February 4), I saw a lot of nasty comments from secularists. Some stated that scientists shouldn’t debate creationists or they wondered what Bill Nye was thinking that he would come here to the Creation Museum. So it’s always nice for a change when I receive letters of encouragement from Answers in Genesis supporters.

I recently received one such letter from a woman who left behind a belief in billions of years after viewing our materials. I hope you’re encouraged by reading some of her testimony.

About a year ago I came across your creation [DVD] mini-series being sold through Christianbook.com. I watched the DVD about dinosaurs first. In one hour I went from believing in billions of years, because I’d never heard anything different, to believing the dinosaurs were created on the sixth day along with Adam and Eve, of course they were because God’s Word is true and He means what He says exactly as it is written! Praise His Name!

In 2002 the LORD set my feet on the solid rock of His unchanging, eternal word for my salvation.  I had thought my faith in Christ and in His word was strong, even to the point of facing persecution from family because of it.  But thanks to you and Answers in Genesis, my faith is SO MUCH STRONGER!  Thank you so very much for your passion for God’s Word!

Isn’t it wonderful to see how God is using AiG resources to strengthen and equip believers? I encourage you to have a look at the resources available on our web store. And I rejoice in the salvation testimony of Kyle in New England, who became a Christian after watching the debate and talking to a Christian friend.

One of the best ways to develop a foundation in creation apologetics is to watch my Foundations DVD series, which includes talks similar to the one this woman saw. There’s even a small-group curriculum set that goes with it, so you can be equipped with other believers.

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