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A family from Florida recently sent us some photos as an encouragement to our entire AiG staff. The family’s 10-year-old and 7-year-old children reminisced about their visit to our Creation Museum and wanted to recreate the experience in a unique way: using their little sister’s doll house.

Dinosaurs in the Doll House

Dinosaurs in the Doll House

Dinosaurs in the Doll House

Dinosaurs in the Doll House

All of them have travelled from Florida to visit us in northern Kentucky at least one time—some of them three times. One son worked at the museum during the summer of 2008. Now the parents are being encouraged by their children again to visit the museum this summer since they found out that kids 12 and under get in for free this year, with a paying adult!

Below are the comments from the children (and parents) regarding what they liked the best in recent visits!

Zach (23) ~ “I enjoyed working at the Creation Museum in the summer of 2008.”

Austin (17) ~ “The biblical truth and dependence on the authority of God’s Word.”

Logan (14) ~ “I have been to the Creation Museum three times. Some of my favorite memories of our trips were [workshop leader and musician] Buddy Davis, the gardens, the Zorse and Zonkey at the petting zoo and walking through the Ark exhibit. And I can’t wait to try the zip line!”

Alyssa (10) ~ “I would have to say my favorite parts of the Creation Museum over the years have been the fossils, the walk through of the Garden of Eden, Buddy Davis signing my Creation Museum T-shirt and his show—and helping in his show. I guess that’s more than one thing!”

Graham (7) ~ “My favorite part of the day at the museum was either the camel ride or going into the star room [Created Cosmos program in the Stargazer’s planetarium].”

Kailynn (6) ~ “On my birthday a couple of years ago, I loved visiting the Creation Museum! My favorite part of the day was feeding the animals in the petting zoo!”

Elizabeth (4) ~ “I liked going to the animals in the zoo. I liked having ice-cream at the cafe. I liked the book shop.”

Carolyne (2) ~ No comment. [She’s an infant!]

Dad & Mom ~ “What a blessing to be able to visit a museum that is biblically based and seeped in God’s word. The attention to detail and the truth that is presented of the creation account has been a wonderful visual for our family! The impact of walking through biblical history and ending with the culture of today really speaks volumes. The video dramatization of the Flood account was another impactful presentation of truth.

“Each area offers something for every age! The life-size replicas in the exhibits from the archeological dig through the Garden of Eden—to seeing heroes of the faith—were brought to life through robotics and sound. It really felt like you had stepped back in time and were a part of each era. The live dramas and Buddy Davis’ shows were interactive and educational. The illustrations and education boards throughout the museum are so informative, and the video presentations in the different areas, provide such an in-depth look at biblical truths!

“The outdoor spaces were equally amazing with the beautiful gardens, bridges, and sitting areas. The children loved visiting the animal petting zoo and taking camel rides, too. As parents who desire to impart truth into our children’s lives, we are so thankful to have access to the Creation Museum and have encouraged all our friends to visit.”

Follow the link to find out more about the “Kids free in 2014” museum outreach.

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