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A supporter contacted us recently with nothing but praise for our Answers Bible Curriculum (ABC) for Sunday school and our IncrediWorld Vacation Bible School (VBS) materials. After purchasing the IncrediWorld VBS kit and the first full year of ABC, she says she is happy that she “doesn’t have to go through our materials with a fine tooth comb” before she uses it.

She shared that her church is using some other curriculum right now that mentions “little green men,” and she’s concerned about what it is teaching the students and adults. She’s very happy with our curriculum material and is trying to get the rest of the church on board, so she’s purchasing our Incrediworld VBS kit as a gift for the church in the hope that they will use our VBS instead of one with a more secular viewpoint.

We thank God that so many churches and families are using our Bible-based resources to equip believers.

Honeymooners at the Creation Museum

We often hear of honeymooners spending a day or two at the Creation Museum. After all, marriage was instituted by the Creator in the book of Genesis, and it is celebrated in our museum exhibits. Honeymooners Daniel and Carla Hoskins were at the museum recently—just four days after their wedding. Here is a photo of me with the happy couple, standing in front of one of newest museum exhibits that they were really looking forward to seeing, Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium. They also wanted to talk to me about my upcoming evolution/creation debate with Bill Nye here at the museum (see more about this below).

Honeymooners in the Creation Museum

Daniel is the president of a creationist organization in West Virginia called the Kanawha Creation Science Group, which has helped us promote some of our AiG meetings in that state.

The Nye Debate

More and more people are informing us they will be watching the upcoming debate between Bill Nye and me, and many are planning to live stream the debate to a group. This is probably going to be the biggest outreach in the history of AiG. Don’t miss the debate on Tuesday, February 4, at 7:00 p.m. (ET)—find out about the free live streaming at

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