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While we all know that the Bible is the best-selling book of all time, I think it’s also one of the least-read books on shelves today! Increasingly, Americans and people in other once-Christianized nations seem to be turning their backs on what God’s Word teaches—it’s as if the people who have Bibles in their home are not opening them.

Now, some people might think that a book that is made up of 66 books—with many biblical characters living over 4,000 years—can seem to be a challenge to get through all the way. To help such people receive an overview of the main biblical themes, my friend Pastor Chad Hovind has put together an eight-week program called the “Fast Track Bible.” Chad has taken eight major Bible lessons and simplified them—for children, teens, and adults. You can get a sample of how the program works by watching this one-minute video:

Chad told me that it has been the best-received Bible series he has ever done in his Cincinnati-area church. He said that over eight weeks, he used these lessons to show people how the entire Bible points to Jesus Christ.

Well, it’s now a DVD curriculum with a discussion guide for small groups. It includes information on how all kinds of teaching aids—including 5,000 ping pong balls—can be used in the series!

For the children, a part of their program involves actors recruited from the church who act out some of the Bible accounts. And just as we spray people with a mist of water in our Creation Museum’s Special Effects Theatre, this series has a section in which young people are sprayed with squirt guns when the subject of Noah’s Flood is presented.

Chad, who has been exposed to our apologetics teaching for many years, uses the series to answer some of the most-asked questions that we present inside our Creation Museum, like these questions: Why do bad things happen to good people, if there is a God? What is the case for creation? And much more.

Most of this eight-week series of the Fast Track Bible is evangelistic. For Christians, it will help them develop a closer, personal relationship with Christ and a deeper understanding of the Bible.

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