A CRC Congregation That Defends a Literal Genesis

by Ken Ham on October 24, 2013

Recently, I wrote a blog post about an article that appeared in The Banner, the official magazine of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). Edwin Walhout, a retired Christian Reformed Church minister, wrote an article titled “Tomorrow’s Theology” in which he makes an interesting claim:

I suspect that a thousand years from now Christians will look back at the 21st century and say, “How could Christians have let themselves think that?” They’d have in mind our theology—some of the doctrines that are so precious to us and that we consider to be the backbone of Christianity.
Unfortunately, Walhout used his article as a platform to promote the mixing of evolution and millions of years with Scripture. (You can read my full blog post on Walhout’s article.)

Now, shortly after the publication of this article in The Banner, one of our researchers was contacted by a pastor in a Christian Reformed Church in Iowa. Pastor Aaron Gunsaulus is an AiG supporter, and he had actually published a blog and preached a sermon in response to Walhout—using AiG materials to do it!

I urge you to read Pastor Gunsaulus’s excellent blog post about the article and to listen to his full sermon, titled “Tomorrow’s Heresy” (given June 2, 2013).

Part of our mission at Answers in Genesis is to equip churches to answer the skeptical questions of the day with solid, biblically based apologetics. So I’m always encouraged to hear from church leaders who are doing just that. We’re thrilled with how Pastor Gunsaulus is standing firmly on the authority of the Word of God, from the very first verse. And we pray that many more leaders in the Christian Reformed Church will take the same stand.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying, Ken

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