Atheists Against Movie That Is Not Yet Produced!

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As we have come to expect from most atheists, they are already against a message before they even see and hear it! That’s because they have decided that no matter what evidence is before them and no matter what someone argues, if it has its basis in the Bible, it’s wrong regardless!

We saw an example of this again last week. Good friend of AiG Eric Hovind and his ministry are producing a 3D movie depicting Genesis. The Christian Post reported on this movie and quoted the president of the American Atheists as he commented on the movie’s successful fundraising campaign:

“I’m not at all surprised at this kind of support,” said David Silverman, president of American Atheists. “As we have seen in nearly every religion in world history, indoctrinated victims of religion will do anything, including pay large sums of money, to have their antiquated beliefs of immortality validated. Flashy movies may make Christians feel like there is validity to the myth that they are immortal, covering up the known and proven truth with special effects.”
Secular museums and documentaries (and other films) spend large sums of money to make flashy movies and exhibits—but that’s OK as long as they teach atheism, evolution, and millions of years as fact! But, if Christians use the latest technology to produce first-class museum exhibits and a startling movie to teach people the truth of God’s Word, well, that’s not OK for atheists because they have already decided Christianity is false.

What I’ve noticed about many atheists and other secularists is that they often cry tolerance, but they are often the most intolerant people around! Really, they are tolerant of all opinions as long as they agree with their own.

Besides, why should an atheist like Silverman even care anyway? After all, within 100 years, according to Silverman’s atheist religion he will cease to exist when he dies! If that’s so, he will never know he did exist—so why care? As I’ve said many times, atheists do care because their heart is crying out that there is a God! But as Romans chapter 1 teaches us, those people who rebel against God “suppress the truth in unrighteousness.” They work hard to try to convince themselves there is no God, so that there is no one to whom they are accountable, no one to tell them they are sinners in need a Salvation, and no one to tell them what is right and what is wrong (e.g., that marriage is between a male and female only)! Atheists work hard to suppress this.

You can read the rest of the Christian Post article about this new 3D movie. The Blaze also reported on this movie that’s being produced.

It’s thrilling to see how God raises up different people like Eric to be engaged in the massive spiritual battle before us today. We pray God will use this 3D movie in a big way to reach people for Christ.

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