Just as Relevant to 100-Year-Olds

by Ken Ham

Every now and then I love to share testimonies with you about the impact of AiG resources on people’s lives. This is a rather unique testimony, so I wanted it to be my blog post for today.

Here is the testimony from the staff at a residential retirement home in California:

Our Residential Care Facility for the Elderly has been blessed by the “Tools for Teaching” PowerPoint materials put together by Answers in Genesis.

The majority of our residents are in their 80s or 90s and one of them will be 100 in a couple months. As most everyone in their generation, they grew up in the church. It was the norm for their day. But apologetics were not the norm. I have gone through several of the “Tools for Teaching” presentations and our residents have really enjoyed them. It was the first time they had seen the teachings of Scripture presented in such a way as to counter the false worldviews they daily see presented on television.

“The Relevance of Genesis” presentation is just as relevant to 100 year olds as it is to their great-great-grandchildren!

If you can use this little word to encourage people to obtain Answers in Genesis materials—just do it! Thank you, my brother, and may the Lord bless you abundantly as you labor in His vineyard!

Here are two of the illustrations in the series of “The Relevance of Genesis” PowerPoint slides:

Millions of years

Reinterpretations of Genesis

Yes, both young and old can learn apologetics! All I can say is “Praise the Lord! Thank you, Lord, for allowing us to be in this ministry impacting lives for eternity.”

I hope this encouraged you as it encouraged me.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for praying,


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