A Challenge to Rescue Our Kids

by Ken Ham on July 27, 2013

The Answers Mega Conference has finished in Tennessee, but its purpose has not. The goal of the conference was to equip believers with truth so that they can defend their faith in this world that is attacking the authority of God’s Word at its very foundation.  In my first keynote address, I asserted that America was under judgment, and we needed to look at those in charge of the government (e.g., the U.S. President) in that light.  See below for link to watch this video free.

In the final keynote address for the Mega Conference, it was my assertion that the church is under judgment in America.  I explained that we needed to rescue our kids from: the evil one; the secularists; this evil culture;  churches that don't teach apologetics; churches that compromise God's Word; many Sunday schools and their “fluff and stuff” curricula, and compromising Christian institutions. I challenged Christians to help begin a new Reformation and to be “Nehemiah angry” (you will have to watch the video to know what I meant by that!).

My talk “Rescuing Our Kids” is now available for free viewing on YouTube (see below).

I urge everyone to share this video with their families, friends, and churches. Two-thirds of our children are walking away from the church, as explained in my co-authored book Already Gone, and something must be done lest we lose our children to the evil one.

If you were unable to attend the conference and would like to watch the other presentations, you can still purchase access to watch all of them at answerslive.org (available until September 1).

You can watch both my keynote presentations for free on YouTube at these links:

1.  The Great Delusion—The Spiritual State of the Nation

2.  Rescuing Our Kids (and helping start a new Reformation)

Please pray many will come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and that many would trust in God’s Word as their authority rather than trusting man’s fallible ideas.

Thanks for praying and thanks for stopping by,


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