ACLU Needs Legislation to Protect Its Anti-God Religion

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Wake up Christians! When the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is successful in getting the Ten Commandments out of public places and the teaching of creation, the Bible, and prayer out of public schools, they did not get religion out. They just replaced the Christian religion with their religion of atheism. They are involved in this effort again, this time in Ohio, as a Fox News report explains:

A proposal by an Ohio school district to add creationism to a list of controversial topics deemed appropriate for classroom discussion has ignited a debate over the separation of church and state among parents and a civil rights group.

The Springboro Board of Education took comments on the proposal at a meeting Thursday night attended by parents, students and teachers. Some parents urged the board to abandon the plan, and the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio sent a letter to the board, saying the policy would violate the separation of church and state. [Read more at this link.]

I get so tired of reading the same old misrepresentations and false information from the ACLU and secular media (even from Fox News, which is less hostile towards Christianity) when it comes to the creation-evolution issue in public schools.

AiG is not a political action group, and we have never been directly involved in trying to get creation mandated in public schools. Nonetheless, we do help equip people with the correct way to think about this origins issue, and many of these people then try to influence their local school boards. The ACLU continues to intimidate educators in order to mandate that their anti-God religion of atheism be protected in the public schools. They recognize that if students were taught to think critically about the evidence against evolution, and if teachers were given the academic freedom to allow students to have a class discussion on whether creation is a viable alternative, many of these students would realize that the anti-God religion of evolution and atheism is bankrupt, and they might consider the Bible’s history instead—and the gospel based in that history.

Romans chapter 1 makes it clear that the knowledge of God is written on our hearts. God is so evident from looking at the creation that anyone who doesn’t believe is without excuse (Romans 1:20). That’s why the atheists have to work so hard to try to suppress the truth (Romans 1:18). The best way for them to “suppress the truth in unrighteousness” is to brainwash people with an arbitrary definition of science and then legislate to protect their arbitrary definition—one that eliminates God and any discussion of His Word from the classroom. In this spiritual battle, they are being used to capture the hearts and minds of millions of children away from God.

The news report quoted as follows:

“Basically they would be teaching creationism to counteract the teaching of evolution,” ACLU spokesman Nick Worner said Friday. “Anytime that you promote or teach the beliefs of one religion over all other religions or beliefs in a public school classroom, that’s a problem.”
The Bible makes it clear there is no neutral position: “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad” (Matthew 12:30). We need to understand that the ACLU does want one religion taught over another—they want the religion of atheism imposed on students. And in reality, this is what is happening throughout the public education system.

In one of the biology textbooks used in the public schools, we read that “supernatural explanations of natural events are simply outside the bounds of science.” This is an arbitrary definition by those people who don’t believe in God. Thus they have defined science to eliminate God. Therefore they claim one can’t allow the God of the Bible or the teaching of creation in schools, as it is not science—but they have defined “science” to accomplish their agenda.

Christians need to wake up and realize that the ACLU has defined science as naturalism—that is their anti-God, arbitrary definition. The news report also states the following:

In the ACLU letter, Legal Director James Hardiman said the proposal appears to establish the teaching of creationism as an opposing view to evolution, pitting a religious theory against science.
Again, they are intimidating people by their own definition of the word science.The root meaning of science is knowledge. But the ACLU doesn’t want people to know that knowledge about the past (history) is very different from knowledge gained by observation (operational science). AiG helps people understand the difference by teaching an understanding of historical science (e.g., origins) compared to observational science (using the five senses to observe and repeatedly test results).

Molecules-to-man evolution is a belief—a religion—and it comes under the heading of historical science.

Reading the creation account as revealed in Genesis is also a part of practicing historical science. However, what is called natural selection and speciation (which do not confirm molecules-to-man evolution but instead confirm distinct kinds, as the Bible teaches in Genesis) is observational science. And whether people are creationists or evolutionists, we all have the same observational science—but very different historical sciences.

The bottom line is that the ACLU doesn’t want people to know this crucial difference. They arbitrarily define science as having nothing to do with the supernatural. Thus they define the terms, brainwash, and intimidate so they can “suppress the truth” of a Creator and impose their anti-God, atheistic religion on the public schools.

Watch the short, well-illustrated video at this link to understand the difference between historical and observational science.

Let’s get this message out to the media (some reporters may listen) and to parents and students. Let’s try to overcome the brainwashing of the secularists and the intimidation of the ACLU as they continue to impose their religion on the culture—including millions of children.

As a result of what we have experienced at AiG with the media over the years, we know that the secular media (even Fox News) usually doesn’t invite guests who have the experience and knowledge (such as our speakers and researchers at AiG) to correctly discuss the origins issue in regard to public schools. And when we are invited to participate, we are often given just a couple of minutes in some sort of debate format. Of course, this does not allow time for the topic to be dealt with in a manner that would logically lay out the case before the public. I often listen to news hosts (as I did in regard to this current Ohio news story) pooling their ignorance as they discuss matters outside their understanding.

Thus, the public is not educated on the evolution-creation issue as they need to be. And sadly, most pastors don’t have the background and experience to know how to correctly educate their congregations on such issues, so they are not equipped to stand publicly and defend the Christian faith against such secular onslaughts—as Christians must be doing in our increasingly secularized Western world.

Sadly, the secular media usually doesn’t want people like those of us at AiG to fully explain the problems with evolution. And if we ever do get an interview on, let’s say, Fox News, the media usually has someone opposing what we say and only lets us have a short time to say anything. Now, when evolutionists have some “discovery” to share with the media, it’s rare that a creationist group is asked to comment. It’s almost impossible to get the truth out unless someone in the secular media actually wants us to explain our position and gives us the time to do so. Many times I have spoken to a reporter who is writing an article on origins topics, and even though I take the time to explain it all, usually the information people need does not appear in the final piece. Most secularists in the media don’t want people to know the truth—by and large they just want controversy and not to let Bible-believing Christians be seen as credible. It’s a sad but realistic state of affairs.

Finally, today in America is Memorial Day. It’s a time to reflect on the sacrifice of so many in the U.S. Armed Forces who have died while in service to their country. Their defense of freedom has helped preserve America’s religious freedom, even as secularists try to undermine the First Amendment’s guarantee that no laws will prohibit the free exercise of religion.

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