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Recently a good friend of mine and great friend of AiG, Dr. David DeWitt (director, Center for Creation Studies; chair, Department of Biology and Chemistry, professor of biology at Liberty University in Virginia), forwarded a testimony to me that was sent to him by a colleague at Liberty. That colleague of Dr. DeWitt had received a wonderful testimony from a Liberty student.

As a result of a visit to the Creation Museum, this student now had liberty from his bondage to worldly desires, rededicated his life to Christ, and enrolled at Liberty University. What a blessing it was to me to read this testimony—and I wanted to share that blessing with all of you:

Looking back on the early part of last year, I was enrolled in college and getting decent grades, but I had no real direction for my life or knowledge of what I should be doing.

Every night I would be out partying, drinking, and doing drugs, I felt like this was not only a way [to] fit in with other people but it would provide an escape from thinking about life’s bigger questions. I eventually failed an entire semester and I was ready to give up my pursuit of a degree when I got a call from my step-mother.

She was calling to let me know that my dad, my sister, and her were going on a RV trip and was wondering if I wanted to come. I decided to go figuring I had nothing better to do. One of the places we went was the Creation Museum in Kentucky, and to my surprise at the time; it was one of the greatest things I had ever seen.

After seeing the exhibits and all the information that was provided, things that the public school system would never even mention or teach about, I began to cry realizing how separated from God I had become.

I decided that day that I needed to make a change in my life and made the decision to give my life back to Christ. Since then I have quit drinking and doing any kind of drugs, becoming healthier in the process not only physically but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

I enrolled at Liberty to get an education that was focused on Christian principles. I know that my life is on the right path set before me by God, and I have become more positive than ever before about my future.

– J.G.

The message of the Creation Museum—now entering its seventh year of operation—continues to impact lives for the Lord Jesus Christ!

I’m also thrilled that this student has enrolled at a Christian university that is on our list of colleges that take a public stand on a literal Genesis.

Many of you may remember that AiG contracted with America’s Research Group to discover what Christian institutions teach in regard to Genesis and biblical authority. The results were shocking. If you have never read the book (titled Already Compromised) that Greg Hall and I wrote to present the details of the results from the research, I urge you to do so. You can obtain the book in our online store.

Already Compromised

Because of the shocking compromise that exists in most Christian colleges, we started a website to list those Christian institutions that publicly state they take the same stand as Answers in Genesis regarding the historicity of the book of Genesis:

Creation Colleges website

Sadly, there are not very many Christian colleges on this list, but the huge Liberty University is one of them. You can find out more about Liberty University at

Liberty University website

Many parents do not realize that sending their children to a compromising Christian college can have a disastrous effect on the students’ view of the authority of the Word of God. That, in turn, can have a devastating effect on their lives—and eternity.

I urge you to obtain the book Already Compromised and check out a Christian university that takes a stand on God’s Word from the very first verse.

And make sure you visit the Creation Museum with your family soon, especially with so much having been added recently.

Creation Museum website

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