Atheists Secretly Attend Answers for Women Conference

by Ken Ham

Earlier this month, our second annual Answers for Women conference was held at the Creation Museum in Legacy Hall—and we were thrilled to see that attendance had doubled from last year! Many women expressed how much they enjoyed and were blessed by the conference.

But after the conference, an “interesting” blog post appeared on a well-trafficked atheist blog. Two women, both atheists, had attended the conference in an “undercover” manner—with an obvious agenda. Now, at the beginning of their commentary, these women expressed that they were “jumpy” and afraid when they arrived at the Creation Museum. Why? What exactly were they afraid of? I’ll get to that in a moment.

First, part of the ministry of the Creation Museum is to share the gospel with unbelievers, in the hope that they will repent and believe. So we encourage atheists to visit. These two women had no reason to be afraid and to keep it a secret that they are atheists. We  welcome atheists to the conference, assuming they would plan to act appropriately throughout the conference. So it was actually quite humorous to read what these two women wrote about how scared they were—they portrayed their visit almost as if they were undercover agents in a communist country hoping they wouldn't be discovered for fear of some horrible reprisal.  It was just ridiculous stuff to read.

Sadly, not only were these two atheists unnecessarily afraid of being at the Creation Museum, but they also wrote very stereotypically (as is usual for atheist bloggers) about people who visit our museum. They made fun of the attire of attendees at the conference, indicating that they had to wear skirts and couldn’t wear shorts. But  other women in attendance wore a variety of clothing including skirts and slacks.  And they wrote the usual atheist propaganda against the Creation Museum and the messages presented at the conference.  Where was a true critique of the science content of the museum’s exhibit, for example, amidst all the commentary’s snarky tone? We are so used to such atheist rhetoric, and they could have actually asked me to write their report for them—I think I could have  written what they posted on the blog, as it is the usual atheist propaganda, the typical misrepresentations, the usual negative comments, the typical mocking, the usual inaccuracies and usual lies, etc.  In a sense, they had really written most of their report in their minds before they came to the conference and the Creation Museum.

Let me give you an example of an outright error in the commentary. There aren’t just two full-time AiG staff with doctorates from secular schools, as these writers claimed. We have many full-time staff who hold earned doctorates in science from secular schools, from such places as Brown U., Ohio State, Indiana, Vanderbilt, U. of Sydney (Australia), and a PhD in the history of science (Coventry, UK).

Actually, I believe these atheists were “scared” because they  felt the guilt of why there were really there at the conference.  You see, Romans 1:19 not only tells us that the knowledge of God is on everyone's heart—these atheists know  that God is—but Romans 2 tells us that each person has a conscience:

for when Gentiles, who do not have the law, by nature do the things in the law, these, although not having the law, are a law to themselves, who show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and between themselves their thoughts accusing or else excusing them. (Romans 2:14–15)
You see, these two women felt their guilt because they had come with an agenda to attack AiG and the Creation Museum—just like a couple of years ago when a couple of men pretending to be a “gay” couple (and who stated they would be acting “flamboyantly” gay) tried to crash AiG’s Valentine's dinner.

You know, it’s interesting that atheists find our conferences and other meetings important and influential enough that they have to send people to attend to find out what’s going on here. What are the atheists scared of? In a way, such undercover attendance is encouraging—the ministry of Answers in Genesis must be having an impact if these atheists are so concerned about our teaching. Why are they so worried about us?  We are only one organization—with one Creation Museum. Meanwhile, the secularists basically have control of our education system—they have their secular evolutionist museums across the country—they really control much of the media—and yet they are SO worried about AiG!  I believe it’s because they know we have such powerful message. Plus Satan wants to do all he can to try to undermine us.

I encourage you to read Dr. Georgia Purdom’s blog post on the Answers for Women conference.

How refreshing to read such a positive report and hear some of the great feedback from the women who were there for the right reasons: to listen and learn for their edification.

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