How Can You Help Answers in Genesis?

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Over the years, God has greatly blessed the Answers in Genesis ministry with a quality staff. This includes a number of PhD-level experts in the sciences and theology. These experts, along with a team of researchers, spend their time researching new materials and writing articles, so that unbelievers can be reached with the gospel of Christ and Christians can be equipped to defend their faith.

And with that much help, it may seem like nothing would escape our attention when it comes to the news. But many times there’s so much happening in the world, that we actually do miss big news every so often!

But that’s where you come in. Now, I know we all have different interests, and we all find different news sources and websites we like and trust. But what that means is some of you will come across news that our researchers don’t.

Many of you are probably already aware of my Facebook page. I share numerous stories and articles through Facebook, with some comment, and I want you to share articles and news you’ve come across on my Facebook page.

For example, last week, some scientists were reporting that our understanding of the speed of light might not be as accurate as we thought. And do you know how I first found out about it? Supporters like you posted the articles on my Facebook page—our researchers came across the news item a little later.

Another place where supporters can submit important news items for our researchers is through this spot on our website.

I encourage you to help Answers in Genesis respond to the claims of the secular world by sharing timely and important news with us—we appreciate all the help we can get! So if you haven’t visited and “liked” my Facebook page, I urge you to do so today.

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