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We are blessed to have many special speakers visit AiG and encourage us during our regular staff meetings. Thursday’s guest presenter was Tom Kiser, who heads up a unique ministry—involving a “Prayer Stand”—called Prayer Stand International. Tom and his volunteers are spread across the country as they set up a tall-standing prayer pole in places that have a lot of foot traffic. He encouraged our staff to share their faith with passion, and he presented one way to do it—using the Prayer Stand and offering to pray for people and to talk with them.

During these difficult, questioning times in the USA, Tom and his volunteers, not only have the opportunity to pray with people and the needs they have, but also to share the gospel. In the course of many conversations, people do ask questions about the Christian faith, including those related to the reliability of the Bible. As a part of this Prayer Stand ministry, all sorts of evangelistic tracts—covering a variety of topics—are distributed.

Here is Tom with me after he spoke to us in Legacy Hall on Thursday:


Find out more about the outreach of Prayer Stand International at

Tom is not only an evangelist, but he designed and built these tall stands. He shared with our staff on Thursday that it was a Christian in 1969 who shared the gospel and prayed with Tom—and Tom received Christ as his Savior. He shared with us that he will be “eternally grateful” to that person. That 1969 gospel conversation occurred at a county fair where a man put up a simple table with a sign that stated, “If you died tonight, do you know that you would go to heaven?” He has been evangelizing ever since. In 2000, he began witnessing with others using a table with a sign that stated, “Prayer,” and he designed the Prayer Stand in 2010.

Here is a photo of the easy-to-put-together stand—set up in just a few minutes (as Tom was speaking to us, he put up the tall stand on our stage).


Another recent speaker was Pastor Rick Lambert of Ohio, who spoke on 1 Peter 1:3–9. Rick shared with our staff that as Christians go through trials, they need to be looking for God’s love for us—including in every Scripture that we read—so His love for us can envelop us. And we can be joyful no matter what.

Here is a photo of Rick with his sister and her children, with Mark Looy of our staff at the far right, at the museum's Foto FX station.


You can find out about Rick’s church, Grace Bible Church of Morrow (Ohio), at

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