One More Reason to Visit the Creation Museum

by Ken Ham on March 24, 2013

We’re conducting our own “spring cleaning” inside our huge AiG warehouse in northern Kentucky, and we hope you will “spring” into action to take advantage of some wonderful sales on books, videos, and other items at the Creation Museum on April 4–6. In addition to selling overstocked items, we also will have on sale some slightly worn or damaged resources—this clearance includes books, DVDs, curriculum, and even some clothing.

Please note that while we would also love to have you tour the Creation Museum on those days of April 4–6 (Thursday through Saturday), our large selection of materials will be placed in an area where museum admission is not required. But to get you to visit the museum when you are here on those clearance days as you purchase our discounted resources, you can save $5 per adult when you mention the code (CLEARIT) at our ticket counter inside the museum’s portico (April 4–6 only).

Here are the dates and times of this huge sale at the Creation Museum:

  • Thursday, April 4—10 AM–6 PM
  • Friday, April 5—10 AM–6 PM
  • Saturday, April 6—9 AM–6 PM
For years, I have been saying that AiG’s faith-building resources are what God has used as much as anything to distribute our creation/gospel message far and wide. Many people who will never attend one of our seminars or visit the Creation Museum will watch, for example, our videos in their church because an AiG supporter purchased them so that the entire church could benefit. Also, many Christian school teachers are using our curriculum because a teacher or school administrator bought our materials for the school to use across the many age levels. And, of course, our evangelistic resources have been used by God to bring many people to a saving knowledge of Him.

So take advantage of some of these tremendous clearance bargains April 4–6, and bring them into your home, Sunday school class, to your school teachers, pastors, etc.—and see lives changed!

For more information about the Creation Museum, go to

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