The Tower That Changed The World!

by Ken Ham on March 23, 2013
The Tower of Babel can be a controversial issue for some people. Even within the church, the Tower is attacked as a mythological account—or some will state that it has little value in history and needs to be reinterpreted with modern eyes. Recently, Bodie Hodge of AiG authored a new book called Tower of Babel: The Cultural History of Our Ancestors. This book takes a unique look at the events of the Tower of Babel and how this piece of biblical history reveals insights into the genealogy of all of us.

Watch the short video trailer about the new book here:

Tower of Babel will help you:

  • understand the historical events through extensive, documented research.
  • get insights into studies of ancestry, based on the history of nations.
  • discover the age of the Old Testament patriarchs and how this era relates to pagan ancestor worship.

The secular world’s religion of evolution and millions of years is used by anti-Christians to suppress the history of ancient times of the Old Testament in an attempt to “rewrite it.” Sadly, this generation is being taught that this evolutionary make-believe history (often called “revisionist history”) is true. This unique book makes sense of the world around us by utilizing historical research that brings the Bible’s account to vivid life.

Pre-teens and older will find this new resource to be extremely helpful for Bible classes, ancient history courses, and apologetics training. Tower of Babel is an excellent way to connect your ancestry to the Bible.

You can order this book from the AiG online store.

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