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America Is Under Judgment!

by Ken Ham on March 20, 2013

Yes, I believe America is under judgment. Romans chapter 1 is being played out right before our eyes. And whose fault is it?

I claim it is largely the fault of the church, including even many conservative, evangelical pastors who have compromised by adding the ideas of evolution and/or millions of years to the Bible—or who say it doesn’t matter (even though they may preach the gospel powerfully).

Recently at a conference at the Creation Museum, I gave a presentation in regard to this topic of compromise in the American church. I wrote a short lead article for our website today to encourage people to watch this talk that was streamed live from the Creation Museum.

I encourage you to go to the lead article on the AiG website, where you can watch this illustrated presentation—one that also contains a number of eye-opening video clips (including some of President Obama).

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